Unsure About Betty

  1. I snagged a great deal on a small Betty, about $735 inlcluding tax and shipping. The only problem is that when it arrived it turned out to be black leather rather than the black patent I thought I was getting. I would prefer patent but this seems like a such a great deal I hate to return the leather. Plus such a cute, funky, chunky bag. Any thoughts from Betty fans? TIA
  2. I prefer the regular leather to the patent leather but understand your disappointment if you didn't get what you were expecting :sad:

    Let us see some pics and then we can give our opinions on whether you Betty is a keeper ;)

    Pic of my Betty's attached to give you inspiration :yahoo:

  3. I have a small Betty in patent leather. It's so cute. I love it! Patent is not very common for Chloe, so if you think about diversity, it's good to keep. But if it's your first Chloe, sure to get sth. you like best.
  4. I'm somewhat of a 'Bettyaholic', I have several (in fact need to let one go and trying to decide which one). I have the black patent Betty tote and the large Black Betty, and if I had to decide which to let go, don't think I could, I love them both equally. Obviously, those 2 are safe. You did get a great deal, maybe keep the black and keep looking for a patent??