Unsubscribe From Threads?

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  1. How often do you Unsubscribe from threads because you think they've played themselves out or you don't like how they're progressing?

    Or do you just stop clicking on them and hope they'll fall down the list on their own?
  2. I think they just go by the wayside! :nuts: Off to thread land or something like that! :lolots:
  3. You mean any forum in general, right? Usually, I just never go on anymore. Probably should cancel though
  4. No, I'm referring to threads here. If you go to your Control Panel, you'll see a list of threads you're subscribed to, usually because you've posted to them at least once.
  5. I've never subscribed to a thread!
  6. Wow, I never new you could subscribe to a thread!
  7. i don't subscribe to threads....never really saw the point.
  8. I've subscribed to a thread that was really informative about LV handbag repairs. It's not been posted in, in a while so I'm fine with that.
  9. I usually only subscribe to a thread if it's in a forum I don't usually visit. For example, I just subscribed to a thread in the Beauty Bar area the other day because I literally never go in that area and would forget to check the thread if I didn't subscribe!

    I used to subscribe to the Wedding Chat thread when I was planning my wedding and for a few months after but I was getting SO many emails from the chatter in there I had to unsubscribe. I have no problem with the chatter and I'm so glad that the girls in there are having a great time planning and talking about it--my email just couldn't take it anymore!!!
  10. Don't you automatically subscribe to a thread when you post a reply?
  11. No, I don't have my account set up to do that. I would be subscribed to a bajillion threads if I did that and that would drive me batty!!!!!
  12. You can set this as an option in your control panel under "Default Thread Subscription Mode".

    Personally, I have it off and only manually subscribe to get instant email notifications when someone responds to the subscribed thread.
  13. Thanks so much! Just turned it off!!! hehehe