Unseen Fences Upset the Unsuspecting

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  1. Huh....interesting article I came across about those invisible dog fences.....


    It would freak me out if I was walking my dog and I see a big ole huge Rottweiler running toward me. As it is in my neighborhood I usually carry mace because some people still don't get the idea of keeping their pets on a leash (or building a fence).

    The other issue I have (well I have 2 more) is the use of electric fences for your dog? Humane or not? I purposely didn't buy a house 2 years ago because it had one of these. I thought it was so cruel!!!

    The final issue, what is wrong with subdivisions nowadays that we can't have fences??? It is my property and if I want it to be private so no one can look at me when I'm BBQing or having friends over, can't I do that?
    Here in Indiana there are subdivisions starting to do this....and we thought it was insanity. This could come from living in CA where people had 8 ft. tall brick walls around their houses LOL. But seriously, I tolerate children on my good days and it ticks me off that they run across my front yard....I couldn't imagine if they could run all over my back yard! There are also times when I want to enjoy my property and not have to talk to my neighbors and stuff....without a fence they'd always be able to see me!!!
  2. I simply wouldn't move somewhere that a fence is not allowed. Ridiculous. Way way too much regulation in the world. :tdown:
  3. I live in an area full of invisible fences. You always know they are there because there are usually small signs that say "invisible fence in use" along with tiny little orange flags. In some areas, like mine, building a fence is just not practical. All the lots here are 1 acre and heavily wooded. A fence would also look really ugly in this setting.
  4. I would NOT rely on these invisible fences to confine my dogs. The whole idea is that the animal will get a shock should he/she cross a (invisable) line. But the shock stops when the animal is past the fence, and in a moment of rage or passion, a shock aint gonna stop a dog, especially a large one.

    I also don't understand why regular fences are not allowed in some areas. I know it's so they are all uniform, etc... but what about keeping wayward kids, animals who DON'T have the special collar or erractic salesmen from your yard? Do we outfit anyone and everyone (or thing) with the shock collar so they know not to come into your yard?
  5. We had one of those invisible fences when I was in junior high (about 10 years ago). My dachshund would run straight through that fence to greet the neighbor. Now, she got shocked so she wouldn't come back in cause she knew she'd get shocked again, but it didn't stop her from running through.

    I thought about getting it for our townhouse as it's the only type of fencing that is allowed, but we just put our dog on a tie-out. More piece of mind that way.
  6. Our neighbor put in one of those fences. Their crazy dog would sit there, then all of a sudden take off, because she knew it would only hurt for a second. Many, many times they had to go hunt her down in the neighborhood.

    The neighbor on the other side put one in, too, but he has never had the heart to put the collar on his dog (who is a big baby). He said he tried it on himself, then just couldn't do it.

    I just take my dog out on a leash. She doesn't get to sit outside unattended.