Unrest in PARIS???

  1. Gals,

    i am going to visit PARIS next week, i was getting so excited as i FINALLY get my chance to pay homage visit to the mothership, catching up on the lost honeymoon i never had with my DH...

    & today, my DH informed me that there is a protest in PARIS - see report: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/28/world/europe/28riot.html?ex=1353906000&en=90be21051a64d345&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

    locals in paris - can anyone reaffirm my fears here? is the situation a concern here for us (tourists)?

    I was planning to take my hermes bag to visit her hometown - i would really hate to see them get abused in anyway (ok, im getting way paranoid i know but i have been reading of common thefts in paris)

    i appreciate any feedback here - i getting all antsy right now... :crybaby:
  2. I read about that, very scary. I don´t know Paris well enough to inform you, I´m sure someone else can help.
  3. Ah don't worry too much - this happens every couple of years now in the suburbs of Paris. If you stick to the city centre you should be OK - except for the transport workers being on strike and the possibility of the waiters striking in sympathy! The French riot police can be really scary though.
  4. No, don't worry, if you stay in the center of Paris, nothing will happen...
  5. The riots are in the suburbs, so no worries in the city center. And yesterday when I called my hotel about another matter, I was informed that the transport workers strike is already over. I must have watched the news asleep, because I thought the strike was still on? Oh well, I'll use the taxis anyway :smile:
  6. City center of paris is very safe. I was there a couple of years ago when they were burning cars and there was a big uproar in the suburbs, even some extending into the city. It was all over the news. However, I didn't notice anything untill I got back home. I stayed in the Latin quarter and right by place de la republique (by the border of 10th, 11th and 3rd arrondissement). At the time.

    These things going on are usually in the suburbs. As long as you stay away from the furthest north and take care after dark in streets with few people you should be safe. Even with a Birkin. ;)

    As for the strikes, it's not unusual and may make your travel a little more difficult, especially with the chemineurs on strike. Walking in Paris is still a very pleasant experience and the distances are not far so I don't think it'll ruin your trip. On the contrary, you may en up seeing more of Paris. Strikes aren't dangerous as long as you stay out of their way. Edit: apparently they're already done striking.

    Id be much more aware of pickpockets than riots.
  7. Yes, the strike is now over ( Thank God !!! ), because there was a bad atmosphere in Paris because of this strike and one could not circulate any more, the taxis were full, and there was a lot of traffic jams...
  8. I was in Paris last year during the exact same time. There was unrest in the suburbs and they were torching up cars as if it was going out of style. Rest assured, Paris was as beautiful as ever, as I've always known to be. Do not become intimidated by the "gendarmerie" strolling the streets...they're just there to make sure that everything is fine.
  9. ITA, it's especially in suburbs, there are violences, Paris is a safe city, and most people don't know Hermès, so bringing a Birkin with you for example won't be a problem.
    And WALK !!! Paris is SO beautiful !!!
  10. True, The police is present in the city core at all times it seems, even 4 am in the morning. :graucho:

    And oh, not ALL the suburbs are dangerous, like any city there are "posh" /safe suburbs too. But the east/north suburb area is definetly not that safe.

    Oh, all this talk of paris. I can't wait to go back! :girlsigh:You're so lucky going back now, I'm not going untill next year. Too busy. :hysteric:

    And about taxis and meteros etc, the metero in Paris, everyone seems to take it. I've seen everything from bums to people loaded in Dior/Vuitton/Cartier shopping bags taking it. Even though the air is pretty nasty (I always felt like taking a shower whenever after taking getting off =-/ ), it's very common and as long as you stay out during the most crowded times it's not dangerous.
  11. This is nothing unusual. All cities have problems, but bcause they cherish tourist dollars, the central area is always OK. You're looking at an outlying area, a northern suburb....nothing to see there, unless you're visiting someone. Best of all, the transit strike is over.
    But, Paris isn't like London, which is spread out widly. Paris is more contained. Still a huge city, but very walkable. Dress warm, this is important for a day out in city in winter time. Remember, your own car isn't a step away.
  12. Yes, I heard that the transit strike is over too. But as was previously mentioned, Paris is so beautiful... and so walkable!! There is so much to see that you don't even realize how far you've walked!!
  13. The police is very present in Paris, and fortunately, all suburbs are not dangerous, Neuilly, Saint-Cloud, or Levallois are very posh suburbs lol, it's especially in the North and East, as said Liberté, that there are the most dangerous suburbs.
    About the métro, you can take it when there are a lot of people with designers brands bags, don't worry, BUT DO NOT take it by night, it's dangerous and very disreputable, and don't forget to take a shower before going to bed as said Liberté !!! lol
  14. hey gals,

    THANKS SO MUCH for the reassurance - your comments really made me smile cos i feel so much better after reading your feedbacks. :tup:

    i was tab bit concerned about the transport strike last week, but kinda had faith that it wldnt last too long (it happened alot when i was studying in melbourne so im kinda used to that)

    i really cant describe how very excited i am for my trip - this is my 1st time to paris & i have done so much research where to go, wat to do (all thanks for TPF valuable info!!)...

    now i can go back to my deep prayers that i will be granted my holy grail bag when im there (yep, my DH is slowly accepting the fact that we WILL hve to visit the store every morning & after lunch if he wanna make his wife happy as a bird, lmao) :graucho:


    once again, thanks gals!!! :tpfrox:
  15. You're very welcome !!!!! Enjoy your trip un Paris, have fun AND don't forget that you're in one of the most beautiful cities in the world !!!!!!
    Good Luck !!!! The 24 fbg st Honoré boutique is VERY VERY beautiful...