Unrequited love...

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  1. I fell in love with this bag when I saw it on a model in a magazine, but it is about £2,000 (about $3,500) and I cannot justify spending that amount. But it is so beautiful I just had to share!
  2. Oh, I've just seen that somewhere! Was it in Red magazine? I also fell for it (but, not, unfortunately the price)......
  3. Beautiful, delicate, high maintenance and very expensive.

    Perfect for fairy-tales hopeless for real life I fear
  4. Yes! I don't often buy magazines but treated myself as I was off on hols and wanted something to read on the plane...and there it was. Wistful sigh...
  5. You are almost certainly right. And I already have a couple of bags that fall into that category. I shall reassure myself with the thought that this is a bag that probably wouldn't get used even if I had it...
  6. It is beautiful except for the initials. I feel they really detract from the geometric lines of the bag.

    I don't hear about Roger Vivier much, this is gorgeous, but so spendy.
  7. Yep - I don't either. Those evil people at Ocado put a free magazine in with my shopping :smile: - but this is just why I don't buy magazines....it's like toting giant wish lists around. Oh well, there's always Lotto!
  8. ...and you would be right!!!

    Suede can be practical, but this one is a hands-off bag. Can you imagine always having to was your hands but also making sure they were also bone-dry? Wondering about which dress has less dye transfer as your £2K bag swings by your waistband? Everyone wanting to stroke and touch your magnificent and tactile bag, only to be met with a proviso of them submitting to a careful and stern hand-inspection from you? :biggrin:
  9. Those evil people know exactly what they are doing LOL
  10. Haha my friends know better than to grab at my bags!!

    But you are right about suede and the practicality...especially as it rains so much in this country. I have a gorgeous lilac Ferragamo Marisa bag I almost never use because it is not water resistant. I am nervous even about putting water repellant on it, but I should, I've had it more than 3 years and I think I've only carried it twice...
  11. Its very pretty
  12. This is so true! And the bag is truely gorgeous *sigh*
  13. It is a beautiful bag.
  14. First thing I thought of was Gotye :P
  15. I know I can't have it, but I just keep thinking about it...what I need is a memory eraser!!