UNRELIABLE Seller!! But Do I leave negative feedback??

Nov 8, 2006

I need some input here. DO i leave negative feedback for the seller? I'm afraid the seller will leave retaliatory feedback but i think he's unreliable! I didn't post his userID here cos i'm not sure if i can but here's the situation.

I bought a pair of sunglasses on Ebay on Apr 3. I paid on the same day. i email the seller and after a few days he says he has shipped them.

Come MAY 5, still no sunglasses. so i email him and he says he has definitely shipped them and will check with the post office. May 7: no response so i email him again but no response. So i open a dispute with paypal and he swore the item was shipped. give it another week. MAY 19 and still NO GLASSES!!

So i escalated the claim and asked for a refund. and he immediately refunded me the $$$. so i got my money back which is good. Honestly I suspect he didn't ship them and was hoping I would just forget. i checked his feedback and someone else reported the same thing

horrible communication... no item and almost no money Buyer: XXX ( 83 [Feedback score is 50 to 99] ) May-16-07 06:47 * Reply by XXX (May-16-07 12:36): SHIPMENT LOST??? FILED INSURANCE CLAIM. FULL REFUND GIVEN TO BUYER

He left retaliatory feedback for the buyer: QUICK TO LEAVE NEG on LOST ITEM DESPITE FULL REFUND GIVEN..BEWARE!!! Seller: rayssuns ( 727 [Feedback score is 500 to 999] ) May-16-07 12:37 AUTH GUCCI SUNGLASSES 2711 SHINY BLACK (#270112059198)

people should be aware that he's not reliable but i'm concerned about negative feedback you know???


May 4, 2007
He certainly deserves a neg but he will neg you back. In an ideal world we should neg sellers like this because they deserve it and should do it to warn and maybe protect other members of the eBay community, in reality we all just want to protect our own feedback repuatation.

The long and the short of it is that he will retaliate


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Oct 7, 2006
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Your other option is to leave positive or neutral feedback but say something like this: never received item, seller refunded money 45 days later.

That way others will know what happened.


Sep 25, 2006
Leave him a neutral saying "Item lost?, but friendly seller refunded item immediately."


Nov 14, 2006
Leave him a neutral saying "Item lost?, but friendly seller refunded item immediately."

um he is not friendly she had to escalate to the claim to get her money back :tdown: leave a neutral or neg dont let him get away with it !

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May 9, 2007
I would leave neutral feedback. For me, I reserve my negative feedback for those who flat-out do not pay me and I must file a PayPal dispute (if I am a seller), and have zero response from them for an extended period of time. Or if I'm a buyer, I either never the receive the product and have zero communication, or the product is completely defective or the wrong item and receive no response. The important thing that distinguishes neutral and negative for me is that neutral means that the person at least gave a response and did something about a problem, albeit slowly.


Jan 12, 2006
I am going to predict if you leave a neg or even a neutral, he WILL neg you.

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Nov 13, 2006
How about no FB for him.
Cause even if you leave a positive with the remarks posted here, you are taking a risk he'll neg you.

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Oct 22, 2006
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I know this is what I always say, but at the risk of being boring, I would leave a negative. For me, it's not a neutral as there was a whole lot of hassle and I won't be bullied into not telling the truth by fear of retaliation. I can't moan about Ebay and then not do my bit by effectively covering up and letting others get burned by sellers who I know to be tricky. I realise that is not everyone's approach, but it is the only way I can think about feedback.
Nov 8, 2006
I know, and i agree!!
Lori mentioned an in between but it just seems wrong to increase his score by leaving him a positive feedback tho the note says i didn't get the item .

I'm just torn as to whether to sacrifice my own feedback to alert the community to him.

the problem is that he has enough positive feedbacks that leaving him a neg may just make the next bidder think the neg was an isolated item and i'm quite sure it was INTENTIONAL!!

So frustrating. i'm going to try to email ebay and see if they can block or prevent him from leaving me feedback since the transaction didn't go through

I am going to predict if you leave a neg or even a neutral, he WILL neg you.


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May 2, 2006
I'd prolly leave a neutral. Hey, at least you got a refund right? How many stories here result in people being out the money, or, paypal not doing anything at all? Hopefully this way, he will at least neutral you back, not neg.