Unregistered Seller

  1. Can someone please help me. I have recently won some expensive dinning room chairs the seller was brand new to eBay, but insisted on being paid by paypal. Tonight I have paid him the funds thorough my paypal account, two things have happened which I do not understand. Firstly my paypal account is funded straight from my bank account (there is also a cc on file) but paypal have issued an echeque:tdown: which is not what i wanted and do not understand why this has happened, I have not used paypal for about 1 year does this have anything to do with it.

    Secondly on the transaction page (recipt page) from paypal it states "the receipient of this payment is unregistered":confused1: does this mean that the seller has not signed up to accept payment from paypal. If this is the case why did he insist on being paid by paypal when I could have taken the cash with me when I went to pick the chairs up. Now I am in the situation of this echeque has been issued and I cannot cancel it, as paypal say that the electronic transfer has already been placed with my bank account and even if I cancel this transaction the money will still leave my account.

    WHAT IS GOING ON SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME:confused1: I want to purchase something else this week and I definitely do not want another echeque issued.

    thanks everybody