Unregistered Paypal Buyer?

  1. I just sold an item overnight..

    I checked the details on this buyer just to make sure.

    • Buyer has 0 feedback
    • Buyer's Address is CONFIRMED
    • but...then it says:"The sender of this payment is Unregistered)"
    :confused1: Should I still send this item out? Did this persons paypal acct get closed overnite or something?

    Please enlighten!
  2. Also, I just chekced, this person made this account just TODAY! 6/14
  3. Okayy..I just answered my own Q. lol.

    I called Pay Pal ( and they were actually nice and a help this time!)

    They explained to me that this person chose not to open an Pay Pal acct, so they just sent the payment directly from their credit card and that it's totally up to me if I want to deal with them or not.

    She told me that a lot of buyers do this and it's normal.

    So then I asked that to make sure if I ship to that confirmed address although they are not a registered Pay Pal user, and if anything happened ( charge back) , would I still be covered by the Seller's Protection Policy?

    She said YES.

    So, I am good to go. ( HOPEFULLY!)
  4. Nice post. that's what I want know. Thanks :smile::smile::smile:
  5. Thanks for sharing this good info. :smile:
  6. I needed to order 2 Disney plates for my mom that my husband broke. He threw a dog toy, and misjudged his aim. One on top fell onto the one on the bottom after it hit the floor. I did it this way. I wasn't in the mood to set up an account that day, I just wanted to order a replacement.
  7. I kinda of had the same question - I read the "How to almost bulletproof yourself from unpaid items" and updated my buyer preferences including the part about #6, "Block Buyers without a PayPal account (eBay says 80% of NPBs have no PayPal)" - I recently checked on the log that tells you who tried to bid on the items and the various reasons why they have been blocked. I noticed a buyer with over 300+ positive ratings tried to bid on my item, but there were blocked because they didn't have a PayPal account. I thought "how could they have completed so many transactions without a PayPal account?" --- So, the people who just make payments directly from their credit card though PayPal technically don't have a PayPal account? Wondering if I should change this setting?
  8. all good to know...
  9. If you only buy off eBay, then there really isn't a need to open a paypal account, you can just use your credit card. If you sell, you need the paypal account so that the buyer can send payment to it. I never opened an account until I started selling. I did notice however that many sellers these days wont let you bid if you don't have a paypal account, but you can still see the items listed.