Unreasonable buyer - LONG - doesn't like security lock inside bag

  1. Hi Ladies -

    I've bought and sold some handbags privately and have now started to sell some on eBay. I read all the horror stories on tpf about "bait and switchers" so I decided to follow Material_Me's advice and put locks inside my bags (http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/best-way-secretly-mark-items-you-sell-ebay-175879.html)

    I just listed an older Coach bag (retail $398) and the buyer won it for $81. I copied Material_Me's statements about using the lock for authenticity purposes and clearly stated that all sales were final. When the buyer got the purse, the questions started. We are now at email #6 or #7, I've lost count. Here is what was in my listing:

    "This bag is in excellent condition, as it was seldom used, and it has no signs of wear at all. I've included many photos of the actual bag that is for sale. (11 photos to be exact)
    Please ask all questions before bidding as all sales are final and there are no returns or refunds.

    Authenticity is 100% guaranteed or money back.

    ...I have connected a lock with a secret code from the zipper inside the purse to the leash clip closure. If you are happy with the purse and are confident that you purchased an authentic purse (as stated in this listing), just email me and I will immediately give you the code to remove the lock. When you ask for the code via email, that is my written proof that you acknowledge that the purse is authentic, and you are happy with your purchase.

    If for some odd reason you find this purse to be fake, (Which won't happen), and the lock is somehow removed, without ME giving you the code, I am not responsible -- as the lock is our binding agreement on authenticity. Once the lock comes off, I am not responsible for anything that has to do with the purse."

    The buyer then starts with this:

    Email #1 - I need to check the inside of the bag to make sure the lining is free from tears, loose stitches etc. How do I do this with this lock in place? I am sorry but, I need to see the inside of the bag,the lining, the stitches on the lining etc before I tell you whether I am satisfied.

    Email #2 - I do not have any doubts about the authenticity. Just need to make sure there are no loose threads on the corner etc of the lining. I do not think the use of locks is widespread. Please give me the example of any other posting which says anything about putting locks. Like I said I do not have doubts about authenticity but, have to make sure the lining if free of damage.

    Email #3 - There are many times a seller will say the sale is final but,in that case the bag must be EXACTLY as described. IF, you by mistake overlooked some flaw (I am sure you are human in that aspect) like a small tear in the lining then just saying all sales are final would not be valid. But, I will not just take your word saying the interior of the bag is immaculate. Not all flaws show up in photos.I have to see the inside, not feel it with my hands like you suggested.

    The bag is in perfect condition and in each return email, I have told her that I only guarantee authenticity. She is now calling ME paranoid and delusional for putting the lock in the purse! I have told her that when she sends me an email, that states she is satisfied with the authenticity of the item and considers it a final sale, I will send her the lock's code. She keeps coming back with yet another email, accusing me of wrongdoing!

    I have now sent an email to eBay asking them to step in and evaluate this situation. Was that the right thing to do?

    The buyer keeps making comments that I am not selling a $3000 Hermes bag so the lock is not needed! Frankly, I am thinking that the buyer is a scammer because once I give them the code to unlock the lock, what's to prevent them from saying the bag's lining was ripped and sending me back a bag that isn't mine?

    Has anyone else used the lock inside the bag for authenticity and had it work out in your favor? I even told this buyer to come to tpf to read that more people DO use these locks!

    Sorry this is so long, but I can't believe this person is making such a big deal over an $81 sale, especially when the bag is in perfect condition.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. i quite understand that she wants to look inside the bag to make sure all is as it should be , for all she knows , the inside could be wrecked.
    i know i would want to check out the inside.
  3. If I were you, I would just give her the code at this point. She probably will not want to keep the bag if you don't. I've attached a lock to a bag only once. I put the lock on the outside of the bag, however. I attached it to one of the straps right on the front of the bag so that it could be examined by the buyer inside and out.

    Hope it works out for you!
  4. So can the bag be opened and looked at inside or not? If not, that's a bad idea. So either give her the combination or have her return the bag.
  5. You have emails with her stating that she is aware that the bag is authentic. I would give her the code, because as long as you are saving the emails, there should not be any authenticity issues. As long as you are aware that there are no problems with the inside pocket, I would let her open it. I don't think you'll have a problem.
    Thanks for the email! Hope this helped!! I don't blame you for being so safe. Maybe next time attach it to like a D ring by itself or something. You Go Girl!:tup:
  6. if i were the buyer i would like to see the inside of the bag first too...not only buyers can be scammers, i would find it suspicious if i couldnt check the inside of the bag. I think you should give her the code and next time mark the bag the way it can be fully checked out.
  7. Thanks for your opinions ladies. Good ideas about using the locks on the outside of the bag.

    The bag is open though...she can see inside just fine. I locked from the pocket zipper to the dog leash. The lock prevents her from actually using the bag. I wasn't hiding anything from her. She just kept mentioning the rips and tears and felt that her "satisfaction" was what would make the transaction complete. I told her numerous times to just email and say that the bag was authentic and that our transaction was final and she kept emailing back with new "made up" issues. Frankly, I think she's a "whack" job but I'm waiting to see what eBay has to say about the issue.

    Thanks again.
  8. Hi again! I was up till 4 am with this yesterday so my brain is just clearing this morning!

    The reason I was hesitant to give her the combo was because my listing said all sales were final and not being authentic was the only reason for return. She kept going on and on about being "satisfied" that there were no rips or tears. I had already supplied 11 photos of inside and outside of the bag and she COULD see inside the bag without removing the lock. I also said the bag was in near perfect shape. She kept insisting for the lock's removal.

    Maybe I am paranoid but all I could think of was her writing back and saying that the bag was ripped out totally inside and wanted to return it. Since the lock was my only way of knowing the bag was mine, I could have ended up with having to return money and getting back a different bag. Isn't this how "bait and switch" works?

    I understand that trust works both ways but I had provided complete information and I felt she was trying to change the terms of the sale.
  9. This is one reason why I feel the tyvek bands are better, especially for less expensive items.

    It sonds like you have 2 choices: give her the combo, or take the bag back.
  11. Next time don't link two parts of the bag together with the lock when you use it. If I was the purchaser I would have already returned the bag and asked that you reconnect the lock in a better location. That way no part of viewing the bag is impaired... I personally have switched to using cable zip ties in different colors and just hook them on one of the hardwares on the handles...
  12. i personally wouldn't use anything like that with a vintage coach bag. and if you're preventing her from being able to open any area of the bag, i can understand her concern. If i used those lock things, i'd only do it with high end bags...i understand the bait and switch stuff, but the lock idea does seem a bt paranoid....especially if it's a low end bag, and used...

  13. ah! good idea! cable zips are easier than locks...
  14. Thanks again Ladies for the thoughts and ideas. I was just using the idea of another tpf'er who had success with the locks. Any kind of bag can be switched...doesn't matter if it's high end, used or otherwise.

    It really wasn't that hard to see into the bag...I didn't think it would be that much of a "drama".

    I still don't get the cable tie idea...It doesn't really lock anything since they can be cut off. If someone had a fake bag that they wanted to switch on you, all they would have to do is add the cable tie in the same place you did! That's why I thought the lock idea was so brilliant. You need a code to open that.

    Material_Me suggested just hanging the lock from a piece of hardware on the front. That's probably what I will do the next time.

    Thanks again for all your input.