Unproffesional SA's

  1. I dropped my speedy off at the boutique on Dec. 29 to have it sent out for heatstamping. The SA said that she would call me because she didn't know if they could do 3 letters on the speedy, but she called me the next day and said that they could do 2 letters and I told her that was fine. Two weeks later I decided to call and I was told by another SA that they lost my number and that the SA that I dealt with before would call me back. She called back the next day and said they may not be able to do the stamp because the bag was starting to oxidize and I told her to have them send it back. She said she would see if there was anthing else they could do and she would call me back. I have not heard from her in 2 weeks and I think she lost my phone # again. I was plannig on going in tomorrow to get my BH, but I am so turned off by the way I have been treated. If I go in there and my bag is just sitting there because they lost my number (again) I will be really upset. This is a fairly new store and I really wanted the "boutique experience", but I think I need to prove a point and just order from Elux, but I don't really want to wait. I am very easy going and non-confrontational, but I think they have really pushed me too far. Should I let them know that I don't appreciate how I have been treated or just let it go????
  2. .....at least you even got a call.....
    the STORE MANAGER handled my sale, and couldn't even be bothered to let me know my heat stamp was done....
    in the end I had to call, and request they send it to me in the mail.....

    Anyway, I can not believe for 1 minute these people work on any kind of commission plan . . . (no offense to great SA's reading this).
  3. speak to a manager, get the whole story out an be politely pissed. don;e be quiet!
  4. Definitely speak to a manager. What I don't understand is how they keep losing your phone number (or so they say), once you make a purchase they put all your info into their system.
  5. The phone number issue us what really makes me upset. I feel like they blow me off like I don't matter. I am going in tomorrow and I will see what they have to say.
  6. ya, some SAs are SOOOOOOO irresponsible! btw, I don't understand why they wouldn't heatstamp your bag??? cuz it's starting to oxidize?!?!? :wtf:....that's not a valid reason............. and they should know this
  7. Definitely talk to the manager. And get another SA. Sorry.
  8. Ugh this whle situation sucks. Sounds like you need a new SA.
  9. I agree the conduct is unprofessional and I am sorry this happened. Definitely speak up, in a nice way, to the manager. If you're not satisfied with the manager's response, write to the corporate office. In the end, we will all benefit. :smile:
  10. Ughhh.... stupid SA's. They do NOT need to be working for LV... I should be a candidate to replace them! :p

    I would call the store manager and let them know what's going on. ;)
  11. Talk with a manager- or better yet, always work with the manager- they're always the most knowlegeable and the most capable at getting things done.
  12. Oh John, I have a better job for you!!! You should be the one working for LV who scans the eBay listings and sorts out the fraudulent listings from the authentic ones, so that you can direct eBay in only pulling the fakes!!! :graucho:
  13. Definately tell someone, there is NO reason for an LV SA to work like that!
  14. Some commissoned sales people suck!! some are smart and know how to work it! i would just not buy from this person again and maybe they will get with it !
  15. That's horrible! How are they losing your phone number? It should be in their system! Definitely talk to the manager. There are plenty of wonderful and knowledgeable SA's out there! Don't let this discourage you! Good Luck and keep us posted!!! :smile: