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  1. I am having the most unproductive day. It seems like the more I sit at my desk the more unproductive I get. Have you ever had a list so long of things to do that you just sit there like a deer in headlights not knowing where to start. I am about to go to the gym and hopefully clear my mind.

    What do you do when you know you are being unproductive? How do you get back on track?
  2. I go to sleep and start again the next day :P
  3. Once my day gets unproductive, I don't even bother trying to get back on track. Like Joey suggested, I'd just go sleep and kick off the next day on a new tune.
  4. I feel like this a LOT. I have a lot of different things to do and keep track of at my job, all with different deadlines and everything. It's tough.

    What I do when I feel like this is first of all, get organized. Write down everything you have to do and when it needs to be done by, and figure out when you will do it. A calendar helps if you deal with a lot of things that have deadlines far in the future (which I do). Then pick one thing, and DO IT until it is done. Then go to the next thing.

    Limit your internet usage while you work, especially email checking- email can be a great tool, but reading and answering every email the second it comes in is generally not a greatly productive way to spend the day. Try to limit it to once an hour or so.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow ;)

  5. Look at your list, and pick the most annoying and difficult thing.

    Now make a sublist of tasks that will be needed to accomplish that.

    Pick the most difficult and annoying thing from THAT list, and do it. Then go on to the second, and keep on doing that.

    Always do the hardest things first, that way everything else you have to look forward to will be easier and better.

    Don't let the list intimidate you. You can do one thing, and then you can do another. Always stay focused on the one you are doing. This will help you do each one better, and avoid the trap of doing a halfway job because you are focusing on the list!
  6. As they said.. sleep it off ;) it happens to everyone ^^
  7. Omg, my mind is total mush today. And yesterday. I've been so unproductive! So I know how that goes... but I'm just so much more interested at looking at other things online (have a vacation coming up next week that I keep checking out things to do and see!) that I quickly get sidetracked from my responsibilities. I think the best thing with a list is to just pick one and finish it completely... at least then you're done with something and crossing it off your list completely makes you feel like you've gotten something accomplished. Hope the rest of your day goes well!
  8. Every so often when i am really a lost cause and distracted. I will put an alarm or a timer on for 20 min or a half hour, and tell myself that i must get a specific task done in that time frame. While notthing really needs to be done in a clock window like that, i find almsot challenging myself kicks my butt into gear at times.
  9. Thanks all. I went to the gym for a killer leg workout with my trainer. When I got home I realized that sometimes it isn't as unproductive as it seems. I had forgetten to process payroll...which I should have done this morning so I did take care of that. I will be able to get some more things done tonight. I think working out helps clear the mind. But I really like all the different approaches you all take. I will definitely be implementing some of them into my work habits.

    Thanks Again!!!