Unproductive Day...

  1. Has everyone else been as unproductive as I have today?!? It must be the funny thread... but jeeze where did the time go! I was a good girlfriend and made Vlad strawberry, bluberry, and choc chip pancackes this am!!! :biggrin:

    But now we are hungry and have yet to venture outside today... so we are off to dinner. You all behave while we are gone :yes:
  2. Ok...thanks MA!

  3. bye mom!

    :devil: :graucho: (we'll be good.)
  4. Have a good dinner!
  5. Yes, I had a totally unproductive day!!! The funny thread did not help, but I'm a natural procrastinator. At least you made some pancakes:smile:
  6. Mom, don't forget to bring back snacks for us! You and Dad have a great time.
  7. I think we've all had the same kind of day as you ...
    Take care and enjoy your dinner.
  8. hehe....
    bon appetit , and enjoy your dinner!don't worry mum, we'll behave!:shame:
  9. I've had one as well thanks to the aforementioned thread! I've got a ton of work right now, and didn't get nearly enough done.

    Enjoy your dinner!
  10. Geesh, I woke up early to be productive and it's now already mid-afternoon and I barely started on any of my work. :blink:

    Have a nice and romantic din din Megs and Vlad!! :biggrin:
  11. Well, I was at work all day (no internet access :sad:), so I've been very productive. But now the dishwasher needs emptying, the kitchen's a mess...........You get the idea. ;)
  12. I FINALLY had a productive day! The last 3 have been a big fat WASTE! I can finally move my neck again!! WOO HOO!! Have something Yummy!!!
  13. We'll be good! Enjoy your dinner!!
  14. very unproductive! was off from work to study for an exam....um, yeah, very little studying, lots of time on tPF
  15. hey megs i just got to work! HA HA! and yes i can already agree with you... today is friday and its already unproductive day! since i've been at work i've just been on here! HA HA!
    have a great dinner!!!