Unpopular Dior Opinions


Jun 18, 2008
They're so ridiculous with their pricing. The wallets and the 90cm scarves are decently priced, but everything else is so up there in price that I am no longer wanting to purchase anything unless it's on sale. I also hate that most clothing I like will have a CHRISTIAN DIOR plastered over it in the most obvious way.

Also, I am unreasonably infuriated by those $420 J'Adior
bracelets that look like they were made in summer camp.


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Dec 1, 2015
I greatly miss the Raf era of Dior.
Omg yes! I do miss the RAF Simmons era. He did CD classics with a modern updated look like no one else. I miss all the accessories from his era. The lady Dior’s were so fresh, the miss Dior, diorama and diorisimo. So sad he decided to leave.
And the Haute Couture dresses were so dreamy. Modern, Fresh but still had Dior’s history.


Nov 3, 2012
Most of my collection of bags and wallets are Dior (from the Raf era). So many fresh designs which are still looking elegant today.

I don't like the oblique pattern or the saddle bags; designs from the late 90's-early 2000's which IMHO look dated and tacky. Why did they think they had to "reinvent' them for the 2020's?? And stop with the constant changing of the logo, introduction of tacky bags (Vibe collection anyone) and overuse of the same pattern on literally everything.

And the prices of their bags and accessories are getting off the chart ridiculous; in Australia it's nearly $8K for a medium lady dior (with just that flap closure instead of an elegant zipper - which is probably more expensive to produce which is why they probably changed it) and the mitzahs are currently $410. Not even Hermes is at that price point yet.

I feel like Dior is chasing trends and does not know what it is anymore - a luxury brand with bespoke quality leather goods or expensive kitsch.