Unpopular Dior Opinions


Nov 22, 2006
I don't recall there being a thread like this here already so here we go!

Here's my opinion: Several of Kim Jones' Dior collections are pretty ugly. I'm not finding a lot of stuff I want from the buy books for each collection. And Dior Men needs a new shoe designer other than Thibo. All his successful designs copy existing shoes from other brands.


Jan 19, 2021
This is probably a thought exactly zero other people have had besides me but I'm disappointed the Dior book tote doesn't have more to do with books. Imagine this is THE bag for librarians.

When I first heard of the book tote, I legitimately thought it was a bag made to carry only books or in the shape of a book Then I saw it and was wondering what it had to do with books.
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Apr 14, 2021
While I love Dior bags (they all photograph beautifully), they’re SO impractical and have an awkwardness about them. Aside from the Lady Dior, there’s something weird about every other style…the handle/handle drop and stiffness on the book tote (makes it awkward to wear over the shoulder/it’s really only for carrying by hand or on the crook of the arm), the side profile (the two compartments look inappropriate) on the saddle bag, the general shape and opening of the bobby bag (and the magnetic closure is again inappropriate), the 30 Montaigne is deceiving in how little it actually fits…I could go on and on. I WANT to love their handbags and they’re pretty in pictures, but there’s something about almost all of them that makes me pause and say “hmm, let me think about it” when it comes to purchasing for myself.


The Lucky Clover Cat
May 10, 2022
I despise the wide straps on the small Lady Dior. Why put such a casual-looking strap on a bag that is clearly meant to be elegant and lady-like? My poor SA is probably tired of hearing me talk about this :sweatdrop:

It especially frustrates me to no end because the small size is the perfect size for me. It looks great crossbody (besides the wide strap obscuring most of my outfit), it fits in the crook of my arm without issue, and it can hold my gigantic phone.

I have the mini now, and I absolutely adore it, but I really wish they have more small LDs with thinner straps.