Unplugging Laptop when not in use to save battery?

  1. I hope there are some techies here who can answer this.

    When laptops are not in use, is it bad to leave it plugged in? Someone told me that if it's left plugged in, then the battery capacity will diminish faster. Is that true?
  2. Mine is plugged into a docking station which is plugged into a power bar. Then when I shutdown, I also turn off the power bar. Don't know if it saves the battery - but it does save on energy.
  3. I'm not a computer expert, but my boyfriend is very tech saavy. He always tells me to unplug my cellphone from its charger when it's done charging, and to unplug my laptop from it's outlet adapter/charger when my laptop is powered off. He says that it slowly makes the battery life shorter.
  4. I've always read that everything with a chargeable battery (laptop, cellphone, ipod, etc), should not be left plugged into the charger once the battery is full.

    couldn't tell you why though, just know I've heard this :smile:
  5. isn't it kind of a hassel to unplug it everytime the laptop is fully charged?

    Like mine is fully charged right now, but I still have it plugged it.

    It makes sense to unplug it when it's off (like over night)... but I don't really feel like unplugging it right now unless my battery is really getting killed...

    thanks for everyone's advice so far
  6. I've always been told to unplug things I am not using(ipod/cell/laptop).
  7. These are Apple's battery recommendations, which would make sense for most lithium ion computer batteries: http://www.apple.com/batteries/notebooks.html

    They suggest running a battery down at least once a month. However, the more often you use it off of the battery, the more cycles it goes through.
    The more cycles, the more the battery gets "old" and diminishes in overall capacity.

    It's more economical and environmental to unplug your devices overnight. If it is fully powered off, it should only lose a minimal amount amount overnight, which would take many nights to add up to a full charge cycle.

    This page has good tips for cellphones, with different recommendations for NiMH/NiCd and lithium ion batteries: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Your-Cell-Phone-Battery-Last-Longer