Unpaid Item dispute

  1. Hi,

    I bid on a bag on the basis that the bag has a receipt. Turn out completely fake and LV authenticate it supported me on this. Anyway the seller gave me the option to withdrew so i did. Next thing I know i had a 'unpaid claim against me'. The email said that my account will be restricted. I spoke to eBay they said they would sort it out and there will be no problem. All i had to do is to report to the trading standard that she insisted that i pay via moneybank (which she did) and her listing will be deleted.
    I did just that.
    Next day i receive some nonsense reply about me not paying. I don't think they even read my email!! So i decided to speak to Livehelp and they said the seller has to go throught this process to receive her listing fee or something. It is taking a few weeks.

    I bid on the bag on the first and the dispute started on the 8th of October. Should it really take this long and why am I having to suffer when she the one who tried to sell me a fake bag.:tdown:

    Sorry for the rant. I just want to make sure that this is not going to affect my eBay acc negatively.:sweatdrop:
  2. Don't worry that is the standard form sellers have to fill out when a transaction is cancelled. Log into your ebay account and go to the Dispute page. (After you log into MY EBAY look on the left side, there will be a link that says DISPUTE CONSOLE. Follow that link). It should show that the seller filled out the form stating that both the buyer and seller have agreed not to complete the transaction. It will ask you to agree or disagree with it. You check the box that you agree and the dispute is closed. No strike will be given to you and the seller will get her relisting fee refunded to her.
  3. Hi thanks for your reply, Thats what i'm worried about because it doesn't say 'mutually agreed not to complete the transaction' that in the page.
    This is what it saids :

    An Unpaid Item dispute has been opened for the following item: Speedy 30 multicolore LV handbag for UK ebayer only Reason given for Unpaid Item: The buyer has not paid for the item. Buyer actions reported by seller: The buyer's payment has not been received.

    I replied to this, stating that seller offered me a chance to widthdrew. Now the note reads, 'waiting for other party reply'.

    Is this normal procedure? Should it really take this long? If it does how long do i have to wait.

    It was a silly bid, it only had a few minutes to go and going for a really rediculous price. Since it has a receipt...tut