Unpaid Item Alert..but I paid???

  1. I won an item and paid the same day. A week later I contacted the seller to find out if my item had been shipped since I didn't receive any confirmation.

    The seller emailed me and said that he/she were unable to track the package with tracking number listed on package and asked if I wanted to be refunded. I said yes.

    The next day my account was refunded but I also received an email from eBay stating the seller filed the item as unpaid. I completed the alert stating the item was paid and attached a copy of paypal receipt.

    The seller responded stating that he/she did this so their eBay fees are refunded but that he notified eBay that he refunded me.

    Now I need to respond to ebay stating either:

    How would you like to respond?
    I agreed not to complete this transaction and/or return the item.[​IMG]The seller will be eligible for a refund of their eBay fees.
    [​IMG]We have not made an agreement to cancel this transaction.[​IMG]The seller will NOT be eligible for a refund of their eBay fees

    If I choose the first reponse will this effect my feedback or account with ebay? I'm not sure what to do.
  2. The seller should not have filed a NPB to get their fees back. They should have filed a 'mutually agreed to not complete transaction' to get their fees back. The way they did it you will get an unpaid item strike from ebay. Your feedback will not be affected unless the seller leaves negative.
  3. Hi, this is a flaw in the eBay sytem & I've complained about it. (I've both sent & received these) Unless things have changed recently, Ebay still sends a hecka confusing NPB email to the buyer, with the tricky questions above saved for the "mutually agreed to not complete" choice the seller did probably pick when he tried to recoup his fees. Those questions don't apply to a NPB complaint, there's a different set of questions for that. Ebay does this to get verification that the sale really wasn't completed. and the seller isn't trying to pull a fast one & cheat them out of fees.

    Too bad they have to mess with the buyers mind to do that!
    There's got to be a better way.

    You want to click the first response & you will not get an unpaid item stike!
  4. choose the first option and everything will be just fine. they are just trying to get their fees back and you will not get a unpaid strike
  5. I agree, choose the first option, and the seller will get their fees back and there will be no strike for you, it is just mutual agreement not to complete the transaction.
  6. Agree with all except that - the seller should have told you that she was doing this. I have had to do this before and I always warn them first.
  7. Yes, it would have been more professional to be told about this ahead of time.

    I appreciate everyones comments. Thank you.