Unpaid buyers on the rise?

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  1. I've had 5 unpaid buyer case in the last month! Its a new record! All have been closed in my favor, no one paid after 7 days (to open the case since I offer combined shipping for purchases made within 7 days) plus 4 days to close the case.
    I have 1 case currently open (it says the buyer is no longer registered so they won't be paying) and 3 more items that will have a case opened in the next 2-3 days!

    Has anyone else seen a spike in their unpaid buyers?

    Some UPB are for auctions, some best offers, and some buy it now. I sell my bf's old jordans for him and out of all those unpaid cases are for 3 are for his shoes =(
  2. Yes, I currently have 3 new unpaid buyers. I'm getting so sick and tired of nonpaying bidders and ebay. Ebay never protects the honest sellers!!!
  3. I agree. eBay needs to get on buyers to at least pay the relist fee since they don't refund that.
    It adds up!

    My block list is getting pretty long. Full of unpaid buyers and transactions canceled because of buyers remorse.
  4. Whoa, I'm sorry you guys have so many NPB. I always pay as soon as i BIN, or as soon as I get the winning notification. It just seems like the polite thing to do.
  5. ^ Ditto...
  6. i agree that there is not enough protection for the sellers! They always talk about buyer protection, buyer protection! But I think Ebay does this because think about it.... if there were good seller protection, alot of people (especially scammers) would be real reluctant to buy and buying is what makes the real money for ebay, not listing items.... so it's a strategy for ebay to make more money. Ebay DOES NOT have the peoples' best interest at heart.

    If I were in a bigger position, I would definitely try to do SOMETHING to stop Ebay's shady ways.
  7. There's a thread on this topic that was started about a month ago or so. You may be able to find some useful info there. :smile:
  8. I had two buyers who eventually paid several days after the NPB case was opened. One buyer contacted me explaining their situation and the other did not, despite them both having 100% feedback.
  9. The buyer for one of my items just contacted me (7 days after i accepted their offer) and this is what they said:
    "please will next week sunday. was sick"

    What??? I am assuming they are saying they will pay next week sunday but I think 14 days after accepting the offer is VERY unreasonable. Especially since they waited so long to contact me. I'd rather relist it and sell it to someone who wants it. Also the buyer has 0 feedback, I should have looked at that before accepting the offer. All of my auctions specifically say payment is due within 5 days unless buyer contacts me to combine shipping. I don't offer layaway (which is what it seems like, waiting for the next pay check).
  10. Can you cancel the transaction? After all, the Buyer has zero feedback.

    How are your settings in your listing that prohibit certain Buyers from bidding?

    I also use the automatic account setting for the 7-days-to-pay-and-on-the-8th-the-NPB-case-will-be-filed.

  11. This is the main reason I use BIN with Immediate Payment Required. The only time I use auctions is the rare instance when I have something rare or highly collectible.

    Ebay has rendered buyer fb completely meaningless. Unless they are selling on the same ID as they are buying on ALL buyers will have 100% pos fb.

  12. I read it but I didn't see anything about sellers being allowed to leave honest fb - as in NEGATIVES. It just looks like typical behind closed doors Ebay carp. More mystical unfathomable formulas used in an arbitrary fashion to (possibly) punish "bad" buyers. There still won't be any way to publicly warn other sellers about a bad buyer.

    Maybe I misread it or missed something, but bottom line I don't trust Ebay all that much anymore.
  13. Indeed. We will have to see if this new policy has any impact or if it is just some mumbo jumbo to appease the excellent sellers who have been burned.

    I have seen some very honest, customer service oriented authentic luxe sellers stung with negative feedback comments by diva buyers who thought the same terms and conditions did not apply to them that apply to other buyers and/or they were trying to scam the seller.

    Honest and reasonable buyers shall have to read between the lines now that we all have the capability to click on the negative and neutral feedback numbers and sort the negative/neutral comments from the multitude of positive comments to determine if the negative/neutral feedback is real or unnecessary buyer/scammer drama.

    It is certainly unfortunate that ebay has come to this to boost their short-term profits: Caveat venditor et Caveat emptor!

    Maybe ebay/paypal doesn't see themselves being around long-term because they will be surpassed by something better in the future. As most of us already know, most policies are enacted for short-term gain/profit without consideration of long-term detriment/repercussion. If less people are using the marketplace to sell due to harm to the seller, then less transactions are being completed for ebay/paypal to profit from in the long-term. Any excellent business person knows that it is not about short-term profit but about longevity, long-term profit, outstanding quality, and outstanding customer service.

    I would love to see a completely all-fee-free weekend from both ebay and paypal at the same time instead of ebay's now frequent free or 1 cent to list holidays. Since they are doing this insertion fee holiday so frequently now, it leads me to believe that they have seen a decline in seller listings that has impacted their bottom line. They are probably wondering why they are seeing a decline in their profits. It is pretty simple: sellers will take their business elsewhere if they are being penalized, especially if their reputations and finances are being negatively impacted by dishonest customers.

  14. Too bad, some people are just so rude.