Unpaid Buyer excuses

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  1. I sold a Polo Jeans skirt to a buyer who gave me a best offer (for a whopping $10.99 w/ free shipping)
    Its been 8 days and my unpaid case automatically opened yesterday. I did send the buyer a reminder to pay 3 days after the sale. My auction says you have 5 days to pay but since i also offer combined shipping the automatic Unpaid buyer opens after 7 days (like a 2 day grace period).
    I wake up this morning to find this message from the buyer:
    I am not able to buy the skirt, I just had a baby and sadly I am not a size 6 and I dont think I will be any time soon.
    I am sorry, I love the skirt, but I wont fit in it.
    I hope you understand.

    REALLY??? She offered about 8 days ago, was she a size 6 then? and some how she magically got pregnant and had a baby in 8 days?

    I'm pretty sick of people who bid and don't pay. I have 4 other unpaid case open RIGHT NOW.

    Is it okay to ignore her and just let the case close on its own to give her an unpaid buyer strike? I read somewhere that if you use the automated unpaid buyer system the buyer can't leave you feedback until they complete the transaction with you.

    FYI: She only has 9 feedback (88.9%). And I looked up her bidding history and her other purchases include:
    110589725757 Sep-23-10 Oct-01-10 12:50:55 US $139.99 NWT Coach Daisy Floral Large Tote Purse Handbag 14880

    It ended yesterday and I feel like she had to cut her expenses by not paying for the item

    On the other hand I feel like responding and saying:
    Please accept the Non-paying buyer strike since you are unable to pay for the item. I do not believe this is a valid excuse due to the fact that you were aware of your size when you made an offer on this item only 8 days ago.

    What do you think?
  2. I'd give her a strike. She decided to bid and she did bid. I think it's just seller's remorse. Give her the strike.
  3. Well, in her defense - the handbag will fit anyone since it doesn't have size restrictions :roflmfao:

    Give her the strike - she EARNED it.

  5. The nerve!!!

  6. Yeh ignore her and let it close. Yep she can't leave fb so no worries. :biggrin:
  7. Can you share her ebay ID so we all can block her?
  8. here is her ID:

    when i looked up her bidding history she won a skirt at the beginning of september that was a sz6, i wonder if she paid for that one
  9. Maybe she wasn't pregnant at the beginning of the month, only the end?

    This reminds me of that great thread involving the buyer who said she couldn't pay because the mother (account owner) had died. Once reported to Ebay, Ebay closed the buyer's account since the owner was deceased.

    The owner (who was supposed to be deceased) was NOT happy about that turn of events. :lol:
  10. wow
    thats a pretty horrible excuse to use, i would rather take the unpaid buyer strike then tell someone a member of my family died
    BUT I always pay! Even if I mistakenly bid on something (I accidently bid on a girls sz 4 skirt cause I miss read the auction) I still pay! because I hate buyers who don't pay and i won't be a hypocrite
  11. Agreed!