Unmanageably, PAINFULLY SLOW since last night; click and nothing happens; WHY?

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  1. At some point yesterday, later in the day, something strange started happening to me at TPF, and, unfortunately, it's still happening today. No matter where I want to go to on the site or what function I want to perform, when I click on the link to do that, nothing much happens. The computer begins processing the command as though it's going to take me to the thread I want to go, post a message I composed, bring up all the emoticons under "more" etc., but it remains in that state of processing the request indefinitely. In the end, it either never completes the request OR it does so but takes MINUTES to do it. The pages are loading very slow too.

    I believe it cannot be my computer because this is only happening to me at TPF. I frequent other message boards, and this is not happening anywhere else. In addition, I clear my Temp files and defragment my disk frequently to keep my programs running at a good speed.

    Is there something going on at TPF that is causing this? I'm having a really hard time doing anything on the site. Help! :sad:
  2. not happening to me. . .
    have you tried clearing your cache and re-starting your computer?
  3. Hi SMOT. Thanks for replying. I turn off my computer every night and do maintenance on it every other day or daily, depending on how much I use it.

    Just now, navigating tpf became a bit better. When I came in about an hour ago, I couldn't do much. It took me forever to open and post this thread. But I was just able to view new messages in a couple of threads and post something. I'm going back to my CP to check out the threads I'm subscribed to and see if I can continue to post messages.

    I'll come back here and let you know how it went. Thanks again!
  4. I'm back. Well, I've been able to go up and down, in and out, and post with no problems, so the constipation attack seems to have passed.