Unlucky day! Ever happened to you.

  1. I got a MOCA Agenda and Neverfull from an ebayer last month. Due to some tax problems in Singapore they had to detain the parcel till i pay up the taxes. I was busy so it was kept there abt 5 days. My sweet BF went down to collect the parcel for me yesterday evening. I was so excited. I rushed home after work. I ripped open the Parcel. I see the Brown Box. The Neverfull is inside. THE Agenda is NOT?!! :crybaby: The ebayer says she definitely packaged it. It must be stolen. WHY?!!! Im was so looking forward to the little mushroom man..:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Oh gosh, sorry to hear that.....I hope it was INSURED for both items.
  3. Ohh no!!! Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it was insured so you can get another one.
  4. OMG!! So sorry to hear. This happened to me once. I bought a CB papillon off of eBay and it was stolen at the airport. Security found the empty box. The seller didn't offer insurance, so she was out. I felt bad, but that's how it goes.
  5. oh no, that's terrible! I hope you can get your money back somehow...
  6. Oh im so sorry! Is there insurance on the agenda? good luck on sorting it out :biggrin:
  7. No Insurance.. i guess im not getting anything back..
  8. Oh No! I'm so sorry this happened to you! Is there anything that can be done? I hope it all works out!
  9. Did you pay by paypal? I believe you may be eligible to claim partial refund.
  10. ^^ Nope.. im not a paypal address verified user cos im not living in U.S. This suxs.. I have a birkin on the way to me. I Hope and pray it doesnt happen again. Im so worried..
  11. Oh no I hope it was insured. Last year I ordered PS3 games from EB Games and I got an empty envelope delivered. Someone opened it, took out my games, and taped it back up again. CS said it happens alot during the holidays.
  12. ^^^ Oh Really?!.. Cos the lady posted the bag during the thanksgiving period.. And its was stuck there for a few days. i was thinking it might be stolen during its sit in the post office in Singapore. Guess not than.. Oh well!! Tough Luck!
  13. Thats insane. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it wasn't made obvious that you were being shipped LV items.
  14. oh i'm from singapore and i feel sorry about what was happened..
  15. ~Sorry to hear that...what a bummer:sad:~