Unlocking MC Speedy?! Please help


Jul 25, 2007
I just purchased an MC Speedy and it came fastened. (I don't think it is locked.) How do you open these locks on the side pocket and for the main zipper? I apologize in advance for the silly question, but I didn't want to injure my bag trying to figure it out. Thanks!!!
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Rustic <3
Nov 29, 2006
lol, yes sammy33, do as DesigningStyle says...and don't feel bad...when i got my 1st MC speedy i had NO idea how to open that tab either. i jiggled it and like yanked it and went nuts and i was like...that's it, it's broken, i got a faulty one, etc....then by accident my fingers slipped into each other when trying to yank at it again and poof! nice and simple and smooth the little buttons went to gether and plop - out popped the lock part...lol. it's so perfectly simple when you know how it works haha.Congrats on your speedy and enjoy!!! it's an amazing bag - welcome to tPF :flowers: :heart: