unlocked iphone?

  1. I am living at New Zealand and I've noticed thats a lot of unlocked iphone selling at eBay? has anyone who had one of the unlocked that? are they working properly on all the function?

    pls shares.
  2. I know someone that bought one I will let you know when they receive it how it works but that will be in UK
  3. there is no known way yet of unlocking all facilities on these phones if they come from the US into the UK. The unlocking at the moment only covers web enabling, ipod etc. They are close to finding full unlock but not yet, few weeks away.

    Best to wait till first week in November when full UK phones out and will be designed completely for that matter.
  4. ^^Kind of true. They have unlocked the phone portion, so you can use the phone, iPod, planner, etc. However, you can't work YouTube and visual voicemail as those are tied to AT&T's network. Also, like it was pointed out, anytime you sync and Apple autoupdates your software, it's going to lock it back down, and Apple's even mentioned locking it up so it's not usable.