Unlined Tote

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  1. Has anyone purchased the RM unlined tote? What are your thoughts? TIA
  2. Is your concern with the fact that it is not lined? If so, I haven't bought the RM one, but I do have one Gigi New York unlined bucket bag. The raw interior does shed and bits rub on to whatever you put in there, but it's not bad enough to make it unusable. I suspect that if you use it enough, it will stop shedding at some point.
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  3. I've seen the Unlined totes at both Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom at Off Saks awhile back. They're beautiful bags, very soft leather and ridiculously slouchy because there is no structure. They are also lightweight and the handles sit nicely on the shoulder. I remember seeing a unlined tote at Bloomingdale's in the Mauve (lilac) color and was so tempted to buy it since it was so pretty (love the tassel and studs) and the sale price was pretty good. But I ultimately didn't because I was paranoid of some lowlife trying to steal my wallet (there was no pocket in the bag). But gosh it was so pretty.

    Here is a stock picture of the lilac Unlined tote I saw at Bloomingdale's late last year.

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  4. Did you end up buying this? If so, how did you find it? I've fallen in love with the large unlined tote in black based on pics and want to order it but I'm also worried about no interior pockets. Such a pity! Is there a way to add a pocket or storage in it somehow, does anyone know? Thanks.
  5. You could buy a zippered purse insert for open totes. I have used them with my LV neverfull bags. A few companies sell them.