Unlikely Playmates

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    Two Sumatran tiger cub sleep with two baby orangutans in a nursery room at the Taman Safari zoo Wednesday Feb. 28, 2007, in Bogor, Indonesia. The tiger and orangutan babies, which would never be together in the wild, have become inseparable playmates after they were abandoned by their mothers.
  2. I love that pic...how wonderful...I love animals...
  3. I saw this the other day...so adorable!!
  4. I can honestly say, that is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.:love:
  5. The picture is so cute! I love orangutangs. They are so sweet and innocent.
  6. I saw that on the news, so sweet! Pity they will have to be separated later.
  7. Gives me the warm fuzzies!!
  8. omg love the pic, how cute
  9. What a fabulous pic! I'm a real animal lover and orangutans are my favorite of all! Thanks for posting pic!
  10. That's wonderful--thanks for posting. I needed an "upper" today!
  11. That's so adorable! :heart:
  12. What a great picture!!! Thank you for posting!
  13. Thanks for posting. It is so wonderful to see how animals get along so well with others.
  14. That is just TOO cute. I wonder if they'll still be playmates as they get older :shrugs:
  15. They are SOOO Cute:tender: