Unlikely encounter at the supermarket..!

  1. I was doing my food shopping this morning at my usual supermarket; while I was picking up a carton of milk, I see this familiar figure a bit further away; I take a better look, and the lady looks very much like Marina, my Hermès SA... I tell you guys, I'm not joking, for one split second I almost panicked, I thought " this Hermès addiction is getting SERIOUS, I'm even beguinning to see my SA all over the place..!!!":nuts: I walked closer to double check...and it WAS her!!! PHewww...at least I'm not THAT crazy yet...!!:wlae: Anyway, so we said Hello! and discovered that we BOTH shop at this supermarket, although we don't live near each other (this was the funniest thing, talk about coincidence...) we talked about this terrible heatwave we're having here in Italy, about our kids, and then I said I was meening to drop buy H sometime this week, and she said she's there every day except saturday...so we had our little chat and then both went our own ways....!!

    But afterwards, I really thought how odd this had been, I meen Rome is a big City, and there must be hundreds of supermarkets, so what can the chances be of having your own Hermès SA going to the same one as you do....Odd, very odd...:shocked:
  2. {Insert X-files theme here}: Encounters of the Hermès kind.

    How odd :smile: though. At least you met someone nice :biggrin:
  3. duna, sorry to bother you here, you are in Rome? can i ask you if there is Prada boutique near Sheraton Golf Parco de' Medici Hotel? and any idea if Prada is having a sale now? thanks!
  4. I don't know of a Prada near the Sheraton, but as far as the sale, I think it's still on, it started about two weeks ago so I don't know what's left...Are you coming to Rome ? The only Prada I know is in Via Condotti...HTH and hope you have a nice time..:flowers:
  5. OK, that would be the street with Gucci and all the branded boutiques, right? Somewhere near the Spanish Steps, right? I have only been to Rome once so trying to remember the locations now. Thanks so much! We used to stay at Sheraton Roma and now it seemed like the current hotel is further away from the city. My husband is flying to Rome so I need him to do some shopping for me. :P I am so excited, Prada sale has just started! Grazie Gazie!!
  6. Duna........it's a sign............
  7. nice coincidence :smile:
  8. Duna...I agree with Kristie...hold onto that wallet...a purchase is near!
  9. Hermes is all around you, Duna!:P
  10. WWOOOAAAAAAAAAA. It's a sign from the Hermes Gods!!!! Seriously, D. I think you'll be getting a call any day now....get that CC ready!!!!!
  11. o
  12. Maybe your Birkin is coming early??
  13. Who knows GT?!?!:nuts: Anyway, as I told her, I'm going this week, probably wednesday, so I'll find out what the situation is; also I want to find out a bit more about chevre and look at the swatches better than I did last time..And I want to try and see Rouge Garance and the new blue...She knows that I'm going away from around the 8th to the 18th of August, but as most people here go on holiday during August, whatever arrives that is waitlisted for someone, they'll keep it until you come back...So she said "absolutely no worry, if anything arrives while your away, it'll be here waiting for you when you return....Thank God for that!!! Anyway I'll remind her once again....to be on the safe side!:wlae:
  14. LOL, happy coincidence!
  15. hey, if she was "off duty" how was she dressed, and what kind of bag did she carry?
    i wonder if the SAs covet and admire the bags as much as we do.