Unlabelled rotating images!!

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  1. Aaaahh! Some of the rotating ad images aren't labelled in the alt tags!

    Need bag IDs!

  2. The 1st bag MIGHT be Luella and the 2nd bag is for sure a Luella. I don't know the 3rd bag.
  3. first two definately luella, i don't know the third but it seems like these pics are from net-a-porter so i'd take a look around there.
  4. First two are Leualla-- let me look into our records about the 3rd!!
  5. Patience, young jedi - labels are incoming!
  6. Ha ha ha... you're so cute Vlad! I love star wars too! May the force be with you then. :P
  7. I know some of the rotating bags are available for purchase at Forzieri and eLuxury - I'm sure you could drive some sales if you linked them to the online store they are available at.
  8. too bad I'm too lazy to set it up... lol
  9. ^^ And you should definitely demand kick-backs if you do it!
  10. Anyone ever figure out the 3rd bag??
  11. am i the only one that doenst see these bags??