Unknown Jimmy Choo bag

  1. I went to Neiman Marcus today and stop by the Jimmy Choo bags and i saw this one that I have never seen, I searched online and Jimmy CHoo web does not have it so. Sorry but this is the best pictures I could took because the SA said Im not suppose to take pictures of the bags but that she was gonna pretend she did not see me, since she did not knew the name if the bag either, the only thing she told me is that is a python (which I already knew) but it really big and wide kinda shape in a triangle with some type of closure on the back (as you can see o the picture) looks like a hugh canguro bag.... so does anyone know the name of this bag???


  2. iwantotakeanap, I remember seeing that bag in the JC A/W '07 catalog. It's called "True."

    However, I don't think the SA clasped the bag properly. In the catalog, the claps are not attached together behind the bag. Instead, the catalog shows that the bottom corners of the bag each have small rings. The claps are supposed to attach to each of their respective rings on the bottom of the bag. If I had a scanner I would upload the pic, but I hope that this is some help.

    This is one of the bags that caught my attention in the catalog. It's such a unique style and the color is so rich.
  3. I liked the color too .... it is so expensive ....3K .... i can pay my rent for like 4 or 5 months in advanced with that.... lol

    Is it this one? LINK page 10
  4. Yes, the photo is on page 13 in the Fall/Winter 07 book as well as on page 47.

    Looks :drool: AMAZING:nuts:

    Maybe when I win the Lotto:girlsigh:
  5. $3k - Yikes! If only snakeskin bags weren't so expensive. One day.:girlsigh:
  6. gorgeous bag!!