Unkind people

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  1. i have some people in my school who are very unkind for me. they don't say it to me face to face but they maybe laugh or do something else. once i couldn't do one thing so they started to make jokes about it (i think it's ok if it makes me glad also).this week we had swedish (i speak it well because i lived in sweden) so the teacher asked something from me. she said that do i want to have the best grade you can get. and one guy just whisperd to his friends: "is this the way how THIS (me) gets it". it maybe doesn't sound so cruel but it really wasn't nice to hear. i just hate to have the lessons with them. i'm very sensitive and i take things like that too seriously. and sometimes i think someone is laughing at me when he isn't. i shouldn't care i know it but what can i do?
  2. Try to shrug it all off and smile at them..Itlll drive them more nuts!Once they see that they get to you..they wont stop! Dont let them have that satisfaction!
  3. I agree with Jill. Try to be brave and act like it doesn't bother you. I would personally give them a look to let them know they are being immature idiots.
  4. They are jealous! *hugs* Don´t worry about it.
  5. thanks! :heart: i'll try to be stronger and don't think about it that much. they're idiots and i don't deserve to be treated like that.
  6. I know that its really hard to be in your situation. People are mean but the way you handle it will determine if they keep doing it or not. If you show that it affects you, they will keep doing it. Try to be strong, like everyone said. To be strong, you need a stronger support team. Talk to people and make friends in that class. That will boost your self-esteem so that these things won't affect you so much. Hope this helps! :smile:
  7. keep your chin up... try to surround yourself with more positive ppl...
    the immaturity will hopefulli fade as those ppl grow up
  8. you are so nice. all of you! :smile:
  9. There will always be mean people, best to try and learn ti ignore them...it will save you a lot of pain down the road.
  10. Hold your head up high. As hard as it is sometimes to ignore rude comments, it will make you the better person - and it always helps to think that 5-10 years down the road, you'll be a lot more successful than them:yes:
  11. Be happy that the biggest problem in your life is a catty classmate. :yes: They are being hurtful, but in the grand scheme of things, they're like little insects.

    Think of it this way -- they've insulted you once by saying something mean. Don't let them do double-damage by letting them ruin your mood, too!
  12. Agree with Jill.

  13. Just ignore them and you will be fine! :heart:
  14. :sad: mean people suck...my best advice is to keep your head up and don't let THEIR negativity bring you down...in a few years time, they will (hopefully) reach your maturity level look back on their behavior with disgust and embarrassment. i'm positive that there is at least one kind person at your school to befriend (tip: they aren't always the "cool" ones!) you sound like a sweet person, so the best of luck to you :flowers: :heart:
  15. Great advice, Shani!! :yes: Don't give them the satisfaction of ruining your day or feeling insecure. YOU choose how YOU react or not react to their childishness.