University Of Miami

  1. Okay, so now I just got my second letter from a college. This time from the University of Miami. A full page of self advertisement telling me that I should "definitley check out their college" and then at the very end a sentence telling me that they would like to send me their "Applying to College Stress-Free" guide. So I would just love to have people's opinion about the University of Miami! Lots of details would be great! Thanks!
  2. I am a graduate of the University of Miami. Here are some pros and cons:

    • BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS. We're talking g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. The school spends a lot of money transporting rocks, fish, plants, etc. from exotic locations. They purchase palm trees to line the roads (each one is 5K). They hire tonsof UNICO workers to constantly maintain the garbage and litter on campus. For the sake of argument we will not discuss the growing tension the University is battling with UNICO. :Push:
    • BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE & DIVERSITY. When you live in an environment where the sun is constantly shining and prancing around in little clothes is highly encouraged....well, you have a lot of students who work out hard on their bodies (we'll talk about how this could be a possible con below). UM is a school who is ranked in the top 20 in the country for the most diverse student populations (mostly South American/Latin). The culture you will absorb by being a student here is AMAZING. You will meet people from all walks of Latin and Caribbean life.
    • PRESTIGE FROM THE FOOTBALL TEAM. Let's not consider this current football season (because the football team has embarrassed its students and alum. horribly in the past few months). In general though, UM used to have a very poor reputation during the '80's. The football team was rough around the edges and caused a lot of damage to the school's rep with their drinking and debauchery. In the 90's they cleaned the athletic program quite a bit and in the 2000's we won several National Championships. The city of Miami is very supportive of the 'Canes. UM is a big football school and the students adore the sport. A couple of years ago, after winning 2 National Championships, the school received a lot of attention from prospects (just like you) who were interested in coming to the school. Couple this with the recent popularity of Miami (through music and movies) and the school had a great reason to increase their academic standards of incoming students. What does this mean for me as an alum and you as a prospect? This means that my degree is now worth more than it was several years ago. Why? Because of exposure. Exposure through winning the National Championship attacted students of higher calibur...which in turn allowed the school to rise in academic prestige.
    • ACADEMIC PRESTIGE. UM is ranked 54 in out of all of the universities in the country, according to US NEWS WORLD AND REPORT. The average incoming SAT score is and average 1300 and incoming GPA is 3.8. The intelligence is there. The education I received here wasn't ivy league material but the professors come from a myriad of professional backgrounds and excellent experiences. I enjoyed my classes very much.
    • You are 10 minutes from Miami Beach. Enough said.
    • LOTS AND LOTS OF PURSE SIGHTINGS. Every person on campus carries LV, Gucci, Chanel, etc. The boys have the cutest LV handbags. Florida is sunny so everyone has a pair of designer sunglasses. Be prepared to drool over the beautiful purses. Fakes are very very very rare on campus. Of course, I am only putting this on the PRO list because we are on a purse forum...I have to add what we love best!
    • I love my alma matar, but if you are looking for a "collegiate" atmosphere (i.e. big campus, active student groups, on-campus feel) I would not choose Miami. UM is a big commuter school. The only students who remain living on campus are freshman. After that most upperclassman commute to and from class. This means there is not a lot of student activity outside of the in-between classroom breaks. I know for me, as a commuter, I would drive to class..then drive home. There was no real reason to hang out on campus. Greek life is weak. The student groups are not very aggressive at recruiting.
    • Rich kids, rich cars, rich tastes. Be prepared to be superficial. If you have any insecurities with your looks, clothes or materialistic things I would not attend here. Beamers, BMW's, etc. are common ground. I have a pretty healthy self esteem so this didn't bother me but some peopel are bothered by it. Superficiality pervades this campus. If you can't handle it then you won't like UM. For mental stimulation do what I did --- be picky with whom you hang out with! I had my "party" friends and then I had my "real" friends. :yes:
    I graduated roughly 4 years ago....if I had to do it over I would probably choose a school that is less of a communiter school. I would have chosen a school that was in itself a town. If this isn't an issue for you than I say go for it. I am happy I attended UM because I have found a very happy and fullfilling life in Miami - and I would have done so if I hadn't been introduced to Miami through UM!
  3. Wow that's a lot of information, THanks!!!