universally appealing?

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  1. which is the most universally appealing scarf/colorway do you think? i'm getting one to donate to dd's school auction and obviously want it to attract more than one bidder.
  2. Jungle Love with the White or Black background.
  3. ^^^ description please - not at all familiar with the bazillion H scarf patterns. Is it on their site?
  4. I think I would choose one that is quintessentially Hermès such as Brides de Gala. I think there is a scarf with a lot of squares with that design in mini versions in lots of colors. I'm not sure if it comes in 100% silk though.
  5. The one of the rooftops of Paris would be nice. It's so cute and I think universally appealing.
  6. How about De Passage a Paris in the red/white or blue/white colorway? Not quintessential Hermes but it's very French and blue or red looks good on everyone!
  7. I agree with Kallie Girl. Its so traditional. Such a nice auction item. I just bid and won one on Thursday.
  8. HH, IMHO, to appeal to a larger audience, unfortunately or fortunately, the motifs on the scarf needs to shout blatantly HERMES.

    There is a new scarf design in the Spring/Summer collection that is exactly that! It shows a HUGE H in the middle. And it comes in 4 difference colours, of which one is reddish brown. Sorry, I do not know its name.
  9. How about Bolduc? That is blatant Hermes. The orange/brown one may still be found lurking in some stores, but it's not a colorway that's suitable for everyone.
  10. can you describe what this looks like?

    to elaborate, the pattern must be available for the 100% silk scarves ($320) and available at an hermes boutique - to be bought new, with box, tissue, receipt, bag at the boutique.
    i thought it was such a fun idea, but now i realize i know nothing about their scarves. lol
  11. that's the ribbon one?
    in my town, i think more people would value the quality/beauty and prefer subtlety (not a flashy bunch).
  12. Yup, Bolduc is the ribbon one. It's really not that flashy, IMHO, but I like De Passage a Paris better. Depending on how you tie it, it's pretty subtle.
  13. de passage is very pretty. it's a current design?

    and then of course just depending on what i find in stock, what are the most neutral/appealing/flattering colors - regardless of design?