United States of Tara on Showtime

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  1. HILARIOUS!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  2. :tup:
  3. I love this show...she's a pretty good actress...very funny...
  4. My gosh..the end of last nights episode...

    as Max called it, the red poncho gobblin

  5. I'm bumping this way old thread lol. Anyone see the latest episode?? I "liked" USoT on facebook, and they put a link up on their wall for people to watch it since they uploaded the episode onto Youtube in case anyone's missed it. :smile:

    I actually gasped out loud at the last scene when she started typing like a crazy person and then cut herself with that envelope opener! I wasn't expecting that at all, I figured Shoshana (sp?) would have just taken over and started typing, not that she would of spaced out and try to harm herself, then have the alters stop and help her. Oh, and that person Buck tried to shoot, do you think that's her brother?! She knows something about the brother, especially with how she was acting when Charmaine was asking her about him!
  6. I saw it. It was really good, weak premiere episode to me though. I didnt expect the whole envelope opener thing either, and I really cannot wait to see Shoshana take over the class! Lmfao!
  7. It wasn't a great season opener IMO either, but it ended pretty well at least! I'm looking forward to watching some more craziness unfold for Tara and her alters, and since they seem to add an alter a year, I wonder who is going to make an appearance this season? Or maybe we won't get another alter, since we got Chicken and Shoshana last season...?
  8. I completely forgot about Chicken. Lol. And I LOOOVEEE Shoshana! Shes such a healthy dose of crazy! :yahoo:But yea, I wonder if theyll add anyone else..It could be interesting..or end up a h.a.m.
  9. I love Shoshana too, her and Buck are my favorites!
  10. We don't have Showtime, but this weekend we rented the 1st season from Netflix. Have watched about 6 episodes so far and we both really like it a lot!
  11. You can catch season 3 on their facebook page/youtube channel when you fully catch up, it's such a funny show!
  12. Still catching up on USoT via netflix, almost done with s2. s1 was better IMO. But I love Shoshana...love her outfits too lol
  13. So sad about Chicken! :sad: I really liked the latest episode, and the previews posted for the new one on Facebook look good also. Oh, an WTF is up w/ Kate's b/f's kid? What a brat! If I was dating a guy who let his kid act like such a little snot, I think it would be over then & there, regardless of the fact that his parents are divorcing. Dad clearly has no parenting skills, I know my sister & I were raised to behave like adults, if we'd done anything like that all h*ll would have broken loose! :lol:
  14. Just started watching this on Demand. Love the show. Into the second season now....my only complaint is in the 2nd season when she 'transitions' they seem kind of random, whereas the first season, the triggers made more sense.
  15. Heard it's canceled as of June 20th which makes me so sad. It's a really good show. I don't understand why they would cancel it because of ratings when it's on a channel you have to pay for???