United States NAP site just marked down CHLOES!

  1. Hi, the US net-a-porter site just marked down the red and tan paddingtons as well as the black paddington shopper w/brass lock! :jammin:

    Thanks to a lovely pfer's tip, I shot over to their site, called them up and ordered myself the red paddy that I had been wanting for so long, and almost regretting not purchasing from the international site! (I didn't want to pay the duties!) Now, I got my red paddy sans customs/duties!!! :yahoo:

    The freeshipping code: FREESHIP127V did not work for me, perhaps because it was my second time using it...but u could give it a try!

    Good luck! :nuts:
  2. thanks for the heads up
  3. Thanks. What the link to the US site, I always go to the international site.

    Update: I found the US site. Boots are 417, WOW.
  4. some more chloe bits added to the UK sales too :smile:

    good luck everybody ;)
  5. Are there two completely different websites for NAP? :shrugs:
  6. there was a previous discussion about this, same site but they have diff inventory stock and ship from different places.
  7. But everything they have available is posted on the one site?
  8. You have to change from US to UK on the top left corner. It actually brings us completely different stuff with prices in pounds vs dollars. Quite confusing, really!
  9. Wish I hadn't already used up my handbag budget this month. That would have been a nice purchase.
  10. My NAP site automatically pops up for the U.S. So I went to check out the UK site after reading the prior posts and dang......you people have a better selection of purses and such. Not fair..wink:push:
  11. The paddinton is still a bit much for me. I need that 50% or more sale.
  12. At the moment anyway! Last month the US site had some paddies on sale (aubergine, navy metallics, black on black) for like 30/40 % off where as the UK version had them at full price! It seems kinda weird that they can stock the same stock with two prices, esp as both sites ship international. It would be nice if they could at least direct you towards the better price, you think it would be good for their business!
    I ALWAYS check both sites, It's a bit of a hassle changing over but it will be worth it in the end if you can save 30% or rather not pay 30% more!
  13. The US site is more expensive than the international site! :sad: I'm in Australia so have pay customs regardless of whether it comes of UK or US. Hate taxes. :push:
  14. ^ I'm in NZ, close...ish:p
  15. The red paddy and the black shopper paddy are available again on the US NAP website...they were "sold out" yesterday and earlier today, but available again if you want to purchase either!