United Airlines to Start Charging For Second Checked Bag

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  1. From Associated Press:
    CHICAGO - United Airlines will start charging domestic passengers $25 to check in a second piece of luggage if they are not part of its most-frequent-flier programs, the airline said Monday.

    The charge will generate more than $100 million in revenue and cost savings each year, the UAL Corp. carrier said. The change takes effect with travel starting on May 5 and applies to tickets purchased on or after Monday.

    Investors have urged airlines to pass on the higher costs of fuel onto passengers through ticket-price increases or similar surcharges.

    United's customer research showed that a quarter of its customers check a second bag, Chief Revenue Officer John Tague said in a statement. The new policy will allow customers with many bags to continue bringing them for a fee and "enables us to offer competitive fares to everyone," Tague said.

    Customers who have "Premier" status or higher within United's Mileage Plus program, or "Silver" status or higher within its Star Alliance program will still be able to check in a second bag for free. The new charge applies to those who purchase nonrefundable domestic economy tickets.

    United will charge all customers $100 per bag for up to four additional bags. Previous charges ranged from $85 to $125 per bag. The cost to check items that require special handling because they are large, overweight or fragile will now be either $100 or $200, depending on the item.

    New fees apply to trips within the U.S. and or those that include Canada, San Juan, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. Customers whose itineraries include other international flights will still be able to check the second bag for free. The cost to check more than two bags, or items that are overweight or require special handling, on such trips will vary by destination.

    I honestly don't know where they get the figure that only a quarter of their passengers check a second bag- I nearly always do and usually see the majority of other people check two as well :shrugs: Anyway makes me glad I fly American......
  2. I always check two bags - one bag for clothing, shoes etc and a small vanity case....thankfully we don't have those sorts of restrictions here in Australia, but I am sure that it will happen.
  3. American will do this soon too probably. Once one carrier starts usually they all jump on the bandwagon. :sad:
  4. ^omg i hope american doesn't do it soon!!!! i will be flying in march!
  5. I don't see the problem. Americans overpack like crazy -- imagine all the extra fuel that baggage weight burns up!

    I spent two weeks in Europe with literally a carry-on. That was it. It's beyond do-able... and I managed to stuff a couple of good bottles of champagne in on the way back.

    I once traveled with a friend for a brief trip and she packed two huge suitcases -- since when does it take that much *stuff* to look decent in another city?... and she ended up borrowing my things, after all that! I'm sure anyone who saw her would assume she was actually moving to another place instead of merely visiting. Plus, we were going to a few different cities and I feel like we wasted sooo much time at the baggage claim! I will not travel with her again.
  6. I Travel alot. I used to be able to swing one bag when I could carry on all my beauty needs. Now I take two cases as I do not like packing my liquids with my clothes at all. I do double ziplock everything but I still worry that they will open all over my clothes. I also pack dressy clothes and casual as we do lots of different things. I do not over pack, just what I need. However, Im past the days where I could take a backpack size bag and go. Even in my early 20's it was a struggle but now...FORGET IT! I love having certain things with my as it makes me happy and if Im not happy why bother at all. So long story short, I will pay the extra. I always do it anyway returning home it seems. (one bag is always too heavy!)
  7. if I travel within the US, I drive whether i rent a car or drive my own. ridiculous!!

    however, either way this doesnt apply to me because I sometimes have one carryon and a handbag.

    my mother on the other hand, oh boy!! she loves packing the world!! lol
  8. Well...at least it's only $25.00 *shrugs*
  9. Thank God my Kenneth Cole suitcase is huge, haha! Looks like I'll be dragging that puppy to the airport a lot more!
  10. It is not just "americans" that over pack,I ve seen it all over.Tourists' from all over the world tend to over pack. Especially when they are leaving the U.S.
  11. I don't know these people and therefore couldn't testify as to how long they're planning on staying in one place. I've just noticed that its the Americans in my groups (let's say a bunch of us are all meeting in Shanghai) who pack like they're never going home again!
  12. That's outrageous. We already pay and arm and a leg to fly and they barely even give you any food!

  13. I don't think its likely. It won't last long:nogood:
  14. I hope you're right!! :sweatdrop: That would totally stink if the other airlines jumped on the bandwagon. I ALWAYS check 2 bags no matter where I'm going because I usually shop til I drop wherever I am and even if that second bag is nearly empty on my way to my destination on my return flight home it's chock full! :shame:
  15. I would have to agree. I took a direct flight from LA to DCA in December. It's a 6 hour flight. We got some packets of pretzles and a couppe of drinks. WTH is that?? 6 hours is a LONG time to go from 2-8-ish w/o any dinner!

    I think this is absurd. I know people tend to overpack, but, seriouslly, it's RARE that my family and I (4 of us total) ONLY travel with 4 bags. We normally all bring 1 and bring 1 for toiletries, and then 1 pretty empty one to bring stuff back.

    And, to top it all off, people already bring all 800 things of carry-ons. I see people all the time brining in purses, laptops, bags, grocery bags, etc etc, for one person. AND their carry on bags are normally too big to fit, which causes problems anyways! United will see A LOT more people doing 1 suitcase for carry-on, and 1 checked bag, wasting more space, and, people who need to put coats and such away up top not being able to anymore. Along with longer lines at the security entrace with people having to take their liquids out and make a fuss over them. :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: