United 93,,, :(

  1. I just watched united 93 on the history channel, i have seen most of it before not all of it but i felt like i had to write something cause im balling and UGH!! furious :sad:

    It is so hard that even 5 years later i feel like it just happened,, every time i see pictures of the towers i get chills and when i see footage of them falling i just cry i cant help but cry :sad:

    And watching that movie thinking the strenth it had to take to know that the only thing you can do is try and stop these people from crashing into another building (prob the white house) is so courageous

    I just cannot get over it happening , i remember exactly how it was watching the news, i remember none of us being allowed out of school without an escort or parental consent, i remember all pay phone calls being free so people could try and find each other, i remember even the street and roofs of brooklyn with dust and debris from across the river, and papers flying in the air

    i remember everyone wearing dust masks for days after

    i watched the news for days straight and even though it was the same footage over and over again i couldnt take my eyes off it,,
    I recorded about 10 tapes of new footage because i felt it was something i should have forever that i should never forget seeing, that i should be able to share with people in the future who maybe were too young to know the towers

    I look across manhattan now and its hard for me to remember exactly where they were but i see that hole in the sky and its so hard

    I just had to express myself even if no one reads this i was just so sad and emotional watching this movie i had to get some off my chest

    thanks for reading!! :crybaby:

    and what a good movie, i mean it really i think gives a good look into how it prob. happened,, no one knows for sure but all those family members who got calls are the ones who gave that imput for it to go into the film
    so my feeling is those times with the phone calls are prob. chilingly accurate
  2. I dont have the desire to see the movie just yet, but i certainly understand how you feel.
    I think besides us losing some dear friends, there are other memories of that day that I will never forget.
    I remember the smell after the aftermath was so over whelming for weeks.

    Thanks for posting.
  3. I just watched this movie on HBO..

    It made me very emotional as well. I was young when 9/11 happened and back then it didn't register any response in me but now when I watch stuff it moves me so incredibly. The people who fought back on the plane inspired me and I have so much respect for their bravery. I just don't understand how the hijackers could kill innocent people despite it being something to do with their religion.

    I was crying throughout the movie.. even today it's still hard to believe that something that terrible happened. It makes me just want to sit down and cry and cry and cry.
  4. I've seen this movie...
    It was terrible, I was crying the whole time, and I couldn't change the channel. I didn't really think much of it when it happend, but looking back, it was such a dramatic event that has greatly affected society today.
  5. Just reading your post makes my eyes water and gives me a lump in my throat. It still seems so fresh and raw whenever I see any footage. I mourn for people I never knew and life as it never will be again. Sad.
  6. I've never seen it, but I did see a documentary A&E that was similar to United 93. It's still very difficult for me to watch those things, and brings back the memories of how scared I was after that. I lived in the DC metro area.

    I still remember hearing my best friend screaming down the hall in our high school since her dad works for the navy in the pentagon...It just broke my heart
  7. I remember yelling at the TV. I had to remind myself that I was watching with post 9/11 eyes. The second half made me so sad.

    Forgive me if this posts 2x.
  8. I am scared of watching this movie. I get chills even just thinking about it.
  9. yes i saw this movie and it just gave me chills throughtout the whole thing...i just do not want to imagine what those people actually went through because i'm sure it was worse than the movie.

    i know what you mean prada i was in college in 2001 and my school is a few blocks from WTC and that smell stuck around till about november and december....and now hearing about all these people getting sick it worries me. my school said the city said the air was fine and they had purifiers in every class room but that smell was just overwhelming...makes me wonder what the hell i was inhaling.
  10. I think it is important to discuss 9/11; I know it is theraputic for me. I just finished reading "A Widows Walk" and my heart breaks for the thousands of people who lost loved ones that day. It really helps me put things in prespective when I am feeling down about a trivial matter.
  11. I have this movie but haven't yet watched it , I agree that it seems as if this was yesterday it is still so fresh.

    There is a church behind ground zero that despite lots of other building around falling too this church was not damaged the emergency services used it as a base durring the time and now they use it almost as a tribute there are photographs and displays it is really something amazing.
    There is one photograph of a pair of boots hung up on the railings it is said that the firemen had to change on the street into their equiptment the boots where the guys own he left them when changing but never came back for them, it is such a moving image
  12. I bought the dvd awhile ago. It's so sad. I can't imagine what I would have done. Those people are so brave. & the phone calls they made made me want to cryy. =\