Scarves Unite for Ugo Gattoni!

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  1. :party: @bunnycat! This cw of Grand Prix du Faubourg makes you glow. :tup: :tup:
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  2. Bunnycat,
    This is so beautiful on you! We are twins!!!! Happy Valentine's Day (after)!
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  3. Thank you both weN and LadyB! I love this bright glowy rose color! And always a pleasure to be your twin Ladybaga!
  4. I love the glowy rose, too! It helps to off-set the pearl grey for my skin tone. It is such a happy scarf with so much detail! (This season, my only silky buy is Animapolis in cw1. Just waiting for this rain to stop so that I can wear it!) Have fun with your new scarf! It is the PERFECT colorway!!!
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  5. Yes the gris perle worried me a little, but of course... as is usual with H magic on scarves...when you are thinking "well...I really don't think this color is going to work..." Then you try it anyway and you are like "awww...shoot....:loveeyes: my money already..." :lol: Happy belated Val Day! (I will PM you. I MAY decide to do a show in Sugarland in May...still pondering...would be great to meet some scarfies...)
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  6. Sharing the joy :biggrin:
    I picked up a Hippopolis at the H sale yesterday :party:
  7. What?!? That’s amazing!! Did they have more?:lol:
  8. I went on the 3rd day of the sale (hoi polloi status...). This was the only cw they had and only a few pieces left. Understand there were two days of VIP sale before that, so they probably had more choices then.
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  10. Omgosh, Congrats dear! I have been looking for this one for quite a while! Enjoy!:heart::loveeyes:
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  11. Congrats on your find!! Lucky you!!
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  12. Omg! I want! :panic:
    Congrats on your find!
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  13. I absolutely love Ugo Gattoni’s vibrant and whimsical works and colours and got the Le Grand Prix de Faubourg scarf.

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  14. His scarves are totally suitable for wall art. And I always find something new when I look at them - dense with quirky details!
  15. This is wonderful framed. :tup: