Scarves Unite for Ugo Gattoni!

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  1. Reporting for duty, @weN84 :amuse:
    It's late at night for me, so I'll contribute scarf pics another day. For now, an autograph and doodle from Mr Gattoni, who signed my Hermes book last month at the Carre Club event.
  2. @xincinsin Hope you haven't forgotten us! ;) Looking forward to your scarf pics. :flowers:
  3. My wonderful uG silks. I treasure these pieces!

    Battery Park
    Grand Prix au Fauborg
  4. Les Bains

    112B4FAD-C913-4F0B-847E-B3481DFCF4ED.jpeg 30E47B1C-33FB-42A9-88A3-2AC1C31805C1.jpeg 0A7B7E4C-7993-4895-9988-FE14455617F2.jpeg 4882FDE6-80F8-4637-9303-199EF0C75A1C.jpeg
    Grand Prix modeled
    C73BD158-1DBA-45AD-83BF-E64702EB1080.jpeg 8459ED03-E8AB-480B-94CA-B3200907DC03.jpeg
  5. Thank you so much for sharing, @lanit! You have every design that he's created :clap: :woohoo: :tup: :ps:
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  6. I was rather Johnny-Come-Lately to Gattoni. The season that had Hippopolis, I missed out on it due to two reasons: distraction chasing other designs, as well as the only cw I saw at H was a dark green that didn't appeal to me. My SA urged me to get the design but, being foolish then, I didn't see the charm in Hippopolis till it was too late.
    This was purchased from the reseller market. I like the fine detailing and the seriously cute factor.
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  7. I am drawn to the more monochrome cws because Gattoni's designs are so intricate that b/w seems best to see every detail clearly. For Grand Prix, I chose a semi-coloured cw because it reminded me of comics at the stage when the pencils have been completed and the colorist has just started work.
  8. Squee! I would so frame this xincinsin!

    lanit- your choices are always so perfect!

    I'm glad you finally found one!
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  9. I've only got the one Bains so far (though I do know there is a GPduF lurking here in the house somewhere in the "present" stash...)

    I didn't even notice the waterfall bather until I looked at the blue CW. I don't think the waterfalls show as well in my eye-searingly bright (fabulous!) green/pink CW.


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  10. Sometimes, I think the H fairy takes pity on me and gives me a second chance. When Ugo Gattoni came to Singapore for Carre Club, he had a monochromatic Grand Prix at his table. It was in shades of blue and I really liked it. I didn't see it at the boutique during SS18 and the gift shop at the event only had the purple cw which one of my fave SAs assured me made me look like a very chic zombie :giggle: So last week, I toddled off to H to see SS19, and this very cw of Grand Prix was there :faint: One and only piece which materialized out of the ether. I do not ignore such obvious signs of Fate :girlsigh:
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  12. I don’t have many design duplicates but after purchasing Le Grand Prix in the purple cw at fsh last March, I decided I NEEDED the Xmas card cw as well. I also need to frame the card but am so lazy about it. Wen, where did you get your frame?

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  13. I got mine framed by a local framer. I looked up reviews of framers around my area and the one I went to had very good reviews on framing posters/paintings with a reasonable price. Perhaps try looking up Yelp?

    Both the cws that you purchased are vastly different so I can understand why you NEEDED them both! :giggle:
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  14. Thanks! I figured it would be tough to just order a frame online.
  15. Yay! I finally get to add my GP du F in here to be with its fellow GPduF brethren.... It was Valentine's Day happiness! He couldn't NOT give it to was the last orange box in the stash right now! (ok- well he could have...but that would have just been mean...) :lol:

    Rose/Menthol/Gris Perle

    gpdufswirl.jpg gduf1.jpg
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