Scarves Unite for Ugo Gattoni!

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  1. I finally got around to framing my Xmas card from last year and since there isn't a thread dedicated to Ugo Gattoni (, I'm starting one! :P

    In any case, Ugo Gattton's very first scarf, Hippopolis debuted in FW 2015.

    Ugo Gattoni’s Hippopolis Hermes Scarf

    There was no doubt in Ugo Gattoni’s mind what the theme for his first Hermès scarf would be. At the centre of his megapolis stands none other than a gigantic monument dedicated to the horse.

    This design, each tiny part of which holds a surprise in store, perfectly reflects his aesthetic universe: a phantasmagoric world where the eye wanders freely, pausing at each sketch, each architectural fragment. With a surrealist spirit and a healthy dose of humour, Ugo Gattoni carries us away into labyrinths reminiscent of a mischievous Esche

    Text by Hermès




    Ugo Gattoni is a Parisian born and bred artist and art director, whose surreal and exquisitely detailed portraits, depictions of cityscapes, and strange, otherworldly objects and artefacts are renowned worldwide for their unparalleled level of skill.

    His next scarf was Les Bains d'Hermes, a mens 100cm cotton/silk scarf. This was released in SS 2017.

    The most recent scarf he designed is none other than Le Grand Prix du Faubourg (SS 2018), the very design that was used for 2017's Xmas card. I figured I should get around to framing it before Xmas is upon us! :blush:

    Here's the beautiful card framed with non-glare UV glass front and back:
    WhatsApp Image 2018-09-07 at 20.11.42.jpeg

    DESIGN HISTORY (Text by Hermès)
    Ugo Gattoni loves visual games, optical pile-ups. His extremely delicate, controlled hand and his whimsical spirit become the creators of abundant dream worlds where every corner conceals a surprise, a strange detail. “An oneiric race through a phantasmagorical Faubourg” aptly captures the spirit of the design. A fanciful profusion from which emerge architectural forms, advertising hoardings, stories and anecdotes from all the epochs of this Parisian street, where Hermès opened almost two centuries ago. Crowds surge around the bend of the Faubourg, colourful, festive, dynamic. Racing cyclists cheered on by the crowd, flying boats, Zeppelins and balloons occupy every inch of the scarf.

    Let's just say I'm very grateful that this design was used as last year's card as I was then able to skip buying the 90cm silk for it! :lol: :P I would also be able to enjoy this on a daily basis now that I have it framed! :loveeyes:

    Now I know there's quite a few Ugo Gattoni fans here, so let's share pics of your beautiful silks by Ugo Gattoni please! :cutesy:
  2. Whoops, I forgot that Ugo Gattoni also designed a special edition scarf, the Battery Park New York.

    Hermès Commemorates the 10th Anniversary of Its Boutique at the Battery

    For this landmark year, Hermès has partnered with the Battery Conservancy for the institution’s annual Battery Gala, which will honor the brand’s contribution to helping grow the retail business in the district. As Chavez explained, when Hermès’s store at 15 Broad Street first opened, consumer spending was steadily declining in the U.S. It as was the post 9/11 period, and many feared to venture downtown on hollowed ground—and spend money on luxury items. But Hermès wanted to give a vote of confidence to lower Manhattan, and show others that, despite the sorrow, moving forward was essential.

    “That’s why we have that store,” he said. “The people who lived there, even 10 years ago, were very happy to see that Hermès was making a commitment to the local community, and they started shopping with us immediately.”

    Now, the Battery has become a hothouse of activity, and has steadily become more residential than ever before—something that definitely works in Hermès’s favor. “People tend to shop a little closer to home,” Chavez pointed out. And since the brand has been there from the onset, the affluent locals (the store is right across the street from the New York Stock Exchange) have not only continued their patronage, but are celebrating Hermès for its trust it had in the community with a gala. In return, the maison has commissioned artist Ugo Gattoni to design a limited-edition silk scarf to commemorate the boutiques 10th anniversary and the Battery’s regeneration, where a percentage of the proceeds will go toward the Conservancy.

    “When you’re talking about a beautiful park at a beautiful location, it lends itself to a beautiful idea for a scarf design,” said Chavez. “It shows the tip of Manhattan, the Battery, the park and the surrounding buildings. It’s really quite beautiful.”

    (credit: Forbes
  3. I also had this framed :heart: it’s so gorgeous.

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  4. Another fan here!! :wave:
    I'm still kicking myself for not getting the Hippopolis when my SA showed me.
    I never had the chance to see it, not to mention buying, ever again at the stores :crybaby:
  5. :woot::woot: Thank you so much for starting this thread Wen, I’m a HUUUUUUUGE Ugo Gattoni fan! The first question I ask the SA when talking about new season scarves or when Podium is mentioned is: ‘Can I expect one by Ugo??’ :roflmfao:
    (And thanks for the reminder as I still need to frame the Christmas card too! :angel:)

    I was just starting to look at H when Hippopolis was still available online and at that time never noticed all those cute little horsies and the whimsical details on it, just saw the two big horses and was a bit initimidated by this (what to me appeared to be) quite dramatic design. Only when I fell head over heels in love with my first scarf (first H as well as first Ugo), I went back to that design and now love it, but don’t own it. Specifically that animation you posted too did it for me, always makes me smile.

    So my first one was Les Bains d’Hermès. Saw it posted here, immediately loved the design and how unique it was, instant musthave!! Added bonus for me is that it’s a 100cm cotton/silk. The composition, size and CW make it my most carefree and wearable H scarf.
    Here are the parts of the design I love the most.
    (Don’t mind the colours as they are not true to life at all, the iPad/iPhone camera has difficulties with any kind of blue.)


    The third one Ugo designed for H was the Battery Park scarf. So disappointed that it was only available in the US! :girlshocked: Good thing that out of the four this is my least favourite.

    But the fourth one he designed was available worldwide (as it should be!), so that became my second Ugo. Le Grand Prix de Faubourg. Even though I wished it wasn’t a 90 silk, it was still a musthave for me and I’m crazy about the gorgeous vibrant colours. Some detail shots. :hbeat:

    Unfortunately no Ugo design this current AW2018 season. :crybaby: But my hopes are high for the new season, I need to expand my Ugo collection! :pray::giggle:
  6. Wanted to share these short interviews with Ugo too.
    “Parisian artist Ugo Gattoni

    Ugo Gattoni is a Parisian born and bred artist and art director, whose surreal and exquisitely detailed portraits, depictions of cityscapes, and strange, otherworldly objects and artefacts are renowned worldwide for their unparalleled level of skill.
    Working predominantly with graphite or ink, Ugo Gattoni’s work is a monochromatic whirlwind of minute details, dreamlike characters and typography. He first came to fame in 2011 when he created a 33 ft mural in Paris, and later his book for NoBrow titled Bicycle attracted him the attention of Hermès who he has been working with since.

    We caught up with the artist in Berlin last week, following his talk at Pictoplasma Conference where he spoke about his creative process and latest collaboration with Hermès.

    Many of your drawings seem to have an element of destruction or apocalyptic theme, could you tell us a little about that?

    It’s not the first time I get asked it. It’s not the fact of destruction which interest me, but I love deconstruction because of cutting elements, like bodies or architectures to reveal something surprising. I like more playing with the shapes, trying to twist realistic elements to see above its usual form. I love drawing rifts for example, I guess it make the drawing fiber a bit, it make it more alive.

    How did you develop your ideas and source inspiration for ‘Hippopolis’ – your recent scarf design for Hermès?

    For the first Carré, I felt that it was important to choose the emblem of the house. I don’t really know why, but I started to think about the Temple of Horses, a ginormous and phantasmagorical architecture inhabited by horses. First comes the atmosphere, the décor. For this one, it was a city where the central monument is a gigantic statue that pierces through the clouds. I don’t know why but it was my first idea coming.

    You also mentioned in your talk that at your suggestion, an animation about the design was made. Why was this important to you?

    I guess it’s like seeing behind the scene. Having more point of views than only one. I tell myself stories whenever I draw, I imagine the drawing coming to life, get animated. It’s like going further into the story I guess. I could give to my horses a way of walking, a mood, make jokes, etc… For me it’s a medium which complete well the story I want to tell, giving more elements to get immerse into this illustrated world.

    Can you tell us anything about future plans & projects you might be working on?

    I just finish a installation for Ruinart, the oldest French house of Champagne. It’s about an anamorphosis animation that you could read in the right way in a bottle of Ruinart. I’m also finishing a wallpaper for La Maison Pierre Frey, I spent almost 2 years on this drawing. And a couple more Hermès scarves for 2017 with few surprises I hope.”


    “Ugo Gattoni luxuriates in creating wacky worlds full of humour and intricacy
    Parisian surrealist illustrator Ugo Gattoni produces artwork on a grand scale, intricately fabricating fantastical worlds for use by some of France’s most prestigious brands.

    Invited to visit the Hermès archives and private collection, Ugo spent time learning about the brand and its history before being given creative freedom in his response. Ugo formulated a narrative cityscape pervaded by idiosyncratic intricacies and fully lived-in by the emblematic horses of Hermès which inspired it, full of lively quirks of their own.

    Huge and highly detailed, the aptly named Hippopolis features as the centrepiece print on one of Hermès silk scarves. Nevertheless, it was always intended to be brought to life from illustration to animation, Ugo explains: “I already had the layout, so I just zoomed in…and wrote the story of a little horse, wondering thought this phantasmagoric world. It was as simple. No constraints.”

    Inspired by the likes of Escher, Dalí and Bosch, Ugo’s work is concerned with delivering the viewer wholeheartedly into his wacky dreamscape worlds. “The huge sized drawing and big level of details are important to immerse people…When you are quite close to it, you’re surrounded by it, flooded…it’s important for me, making people getting lost with their mind, and be surprised in a new crazy world,” he says.

    Highly in demand by luxury brands, Ugo most recently lent his style to tell a surrealist interpretation of Ruinart’s aesthetic and history, in a new animation created for the champagne house’s exhibition in Tokyo. Ugo is also currently completing a new large scale illustration called Rise for Pierre Frey to use as an intricate wallpaper design in the autumn, as well as working on three further scarf designs for his patrons Hermès.”
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  7. Nice! :tup: Looks like we both had it frame in the same style! Or is yours on a mat? :thinking:

    Awww, sorry. Hate when that happens. My silk SA mentioned that there were production issues with Hippopolis so there weren't as many of them as anticipated. :sweatdrop: Perhaps you'll find one at the resale market?
    Too funny! Well, I hope your SA would be able to share if there's any Ugo Gattoni silks coming for SS19! :graucho: ;)

    Go frame your Xmas card and please share pics here once you've collected it! :biggrin: And :ty: for sharing your silks and the articles too! :flowers:
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  8. I had a framed stitich the scarf onto a mat and frame it :smile:
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  9. I didn't know that there were production issues with the hippopolis! Thanks for the intel! I will try to take a pic of my ugo:Great thread I have enjoyed reading it!:flowers:
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  10. So here is my one and only Ugo. I love the colours! Hippopolis:biggrin: I am sharing quite a few pics but I do like the zany horses!:P

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  11. Yay, some pics of Hippopolis! :yahoo: Thank you so much for sharing @Julide! :ty:
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  12. Omg this is a gorgeous scarf with a gorgeous colorway. I’m blaming myself for not buying H stuff earlier :facepalm:
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  13. Thank you! We all have at one time or another wished we would have bought things earlier, myself included (why oh why didn't I get the cheval sur mon carre CSGM in noir/natural when I had the chance!:facepalm: ) There is always something new to want and most things you can find on the resale market!:flowers:
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  14. Happy to share!:flowers:I hope there will be more pics soon!:biggrin:
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  15. Paging for @xincinsin to share her collection of Gattoni silks here please, and thank you! :biggrin: :tender:
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