Unisex Bag?

  1. Question ... Is Batignolles Vertical a unisex Bag? I went to Emporium today with my brother and he told me he was going to buy the BV also!!! I told him the BV was a womens bag but he wouldnt listen. He kept insisting it was unisex!

    So was I wrong? :confused1:
  2. It's not a unisex bag IMO.
  3. its a no-go zone for me personally :nogood: but if he feels right about it, why not?
  4. I dont think it is a unisex.
  5. Ummm, no. I personally think it's to feminine. But hey, to each their own.
  6. Sorry, but IMHO the Batignolles line is too feminine to be a guy's bag...actuallly a lot of the women's monogram bags are not unisex to me...I would stick to the men's line
  7. I would say no. But I guess its really up to the person buying.
  8. It's up to him, but I'd say it's way too feminine.
  9. I personally don't think so...
  10. Nope. Not for guys.
  11. I don't understand though, did you say in your post that you just got the BH and are going to get the BV on Saturday?? :confused1:

  12. I think you could push it with some of the women's bags, but not a Batignolles. Even a Cabas Mezzo or Neverfull would be more masculine than the BV.
  13. I honestly think it is a bit too feminine but if HE feels comfortable carrying it around then thats all that counts.
  14. i once saw a guy carrying antigua cabas mm. i've always thought that bag is quite feminine but he carried it well :smile:. that incident opens up my eyes to every possibilities out there for guys. every individual is different and if he looks good and feels good with BV than i'll say go for it :yes:.
  15. I think the men should stick mainly to the mens line. There are a FEW bags that could be unisex, but definately NOT the BV! I am just being honest...