Unique to Seoul?

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  1. I'll be going to Seoul after New Year's for my friend's wedding. I'd like to bring something back to Chicago with me for my family and friends. I prefer something unique to Seoul, delicious, edible, and something that can survive the long flight. Any suggestions?
  2. I'm currently living in Seoul... and I am Korean who grew up in US.. =)
    If you never been to Seoul.. visit Korean Palaces such as Gyungbok Palace or Changduk Palace.. and You must visit Insadong : the whole street of traditional stores..(<--good place to buy souvenirs)

    If you want to shop go to Dong dae moon Market.. huge..
    Korea is a good place to buy designer's eyewear.. go to Nam dae Moon Market
    Shinchon is good for clubbing
    Abgujung and Chungdam has all the luxury brand name(designer's) stores

    so... on...

    If you need more let me know =)
  3. I was in Seoul last November for a wedding. I had such a wonderful time. It's a really fun city. I think candy would survive the long flight back to Chicago.
  4. One more question: My friend's wedding will be held at the InterContinental. In my experience, this is usually a nicer hotel chain. When I asked her what kind of clothes I should pack for the wedding, she indicated that a dress would not be necessary. She said she typically just wears a skirt and a nice top/jacket. This doesn't really seem dressy enough to me, especially not for a wedding at the InterContinental. Also, is it more common for women to wear a top with sleeves as opposed to wearing something sleeveless or straplees? And, what will the weather in Seoul be like in the beginning of January?
  5. Korea has four seasons just like the US. January in Seoul is like January in NYC/Chicago. Winter coats, baby. Unless it's one of those 'unusually warm' winters due to global warming. I've not been to a wedding in Korea but I've heard that the guests do not dress in strapless or TOO cleavage revealing, etc. I'd say look chic, but not over the top. Have fun!
  6. I've never been to Seoul but whenever I buy gifts from other countries, I bring back a lot of packaged cookies and candy. You can't go wrong with that.
  7. Just like Minha, I'm currently living in Korea; but I'm Filipino-American, born and raised in the US.

    I agree with Minha--when you get here, go to Insadong for all your traditional shopping needs. There's a lot to see and there are so many shops for souvenirs and goodies. You'll have plenty to choose from.
    And since you're a tPF member, I'd assume you're gonna want to go shopping for some designer duds! :graucho: You definitely have to hit up Apgujeong for the luxury department stores, such as Shinsegae or The Galleria. These department stores (more like indoor malls) carry every designer imaginable!

    But in regards to your second question, there are actually 2 InterContinental hotels: The InterContinental (near the underground COEX Shopping Mall), and The Grand InterContinental. My fiance and I have stayed at the Grand. Both hotels are really nice.
    The women here always look very chic and put-together; so I think your best little black dress with some killer shoes and accessories will be perfect for the wedding, (maybe with some winter-weight tights)... because the climate will be freezing in January, so also pack your best coat. The temperature will most likely be in the low 30's during the day, and the 20's and teens at night. :shocked: But you live in Chicago, so you know how to dress for the winter... (I'm from San Diego, so I get cold easily). :p

    If you have any other questions, please let me know.. I'd be happy to help! :yes:
  8. So what about sleeves though? Is it acceptable to go sleeveless?
  9. January in Korea will be freezing! Haha well freezing to me is 50 degrees lol so 30 degrees will be mega freezing. My mom says January is one of the coldest months there & I'll be headed there in December so hopefully I get to bring back some goodies too except I won't know what to recommend until I get there.

    Like someone mentioned above, you can't go wrong with candies & snacks.

    Lorihmatthews - Your avatar kitty is so cute! :heart:
  10. Asian ladies are all very knowledable regarding fashion, especially Japan, Korea, HK, and Taiwan, I'd put together some killer outfit like other suggested, pack as if you were going to Frence! Wedding is consider a very formal event in Korea, it's almost safe to say there's no outfit that's too formal to attend wedding, besides red carpet gown:p:. And yes, Korea DOES snow, so I'd recommend fall/winter wardrobe.

    Insadong is great for traditional accessories, Don Dae Moon Market (Grand East Door Market) for fashion accssories.....Kimchi is the traditional food for Korea, but only if you try it first, Genseng is another speciality of Korea, you should beable to find Genseng Candy farily easily in Korea as well.

    Enjoy your trip!
  11. Hey Kimosa,
    When in dec are u going to seoul? i saw in another thread that you'r gonna see Dr. Kim. I'm thinking of going in mid Dec. Mayb we can go together..

  12. I'll be going there end of November for about 10 days. Honestly don't know if I'll be in the mood to see anyone or go out really because I'm pretty sure I'll be feeling like crap lol. When will you be there :?:
  13. I definetely recommend going to Insadong. I got a lot of really beautiful crafts like jewelry containers, stationery, and silk bags that I treasure.
  14. KOREA!!
    definitely check out myungdong, apkujeong, and dongdaemun for shopping!