Unique or Unusual Beauty Technique or Product?

  1. Do you have a unique or unusual beauty technique or product? Something that works really well for you that you might want to share?

    Here's one I've been using: it's called "Frownies." These are little triangles made out of what feels like brown craft paper, with a skin-safe paste on one side. You wet one and put it over the wrinkles -- the glabellar lines between the brows -- and wear it all night. (I usually do this last thing after lights are out. . . .). It takes a long time -- months -- but the muscles start to relax and stop working to make the frown. I swear it works! This product has been around forever! I got them at Ball Beauty but there are several sources.

    BTW I have tried Botox, and it works fabulously -- for about five or six weeks. When it wears off I get a headache. No more Botox!

    Looking forward to learning some new tricks from all of you ---
  2. i shampoo, condition, rinse, and apply product with my head flipped upside down. it creates better volume than any product!
  3. I line the inner rim of my lower eye w/ a white eye pencil or skin colored one...I swear it makes me look far more awake then I ever really am. I think I got the tip from Lucky mag.
  4. I've been wondering about this... I've seen these pencils, but they never quite explain WHERE to do the lining. I saw one yesterday from Benefit that is not a bright white, but more of a pale pink. I think I may give that one a try.... I always look like I'm about to fall asleep. Probably because I am. Yesterday I went to see Ice Age 2, and I fell asleep about 4 different times. Fortunately, I did not fall asleep when Scrat was on the screen!
  5. I just posted this yesterday in another thread: use sugar as hand scrub. Add a spoonful of sugar (about 1/2 - 1 tablespoonful I guess, depends on how big your hands are) to your handcream (could be expensive) or bodycream than scrub and massage your hands thoroughly, then rinse. You will be amazed how soft they are afterwards. Apply some more handcream after if necessary.
  6. In between eyebrow appointments I dab vaseline on my brows so they look neat and glossy.
  7. Wigs. Yes, wigs!!! Not some cheapie ones but those that are more expensive, stylish, life-like ones. Do away with bad hair days. It's not taboo anymore. I love them! Celebs wear them all the time and you just don't notice coz they're that real. I know Beyonce wears lace-front wigs (on some close up tabloid shots you can just pick it). And Jennifer Garner wears wigs on Alias. Some are tres, tres realistic.
  8. Got this tip from another site:

    Asprin Mask: I use 6 uncoated asprin, mix lil bit of water in it, and apply it to face for 20 minutes and scrub face lightly while rinsing it off. Takes all my oilies away and feel really clean afterwards.
  9. I like the aspirin mask idea!

    Here's another one: My hair is fine but thick and takes forever to dry. I used to hold the dryer in one hand and pull in it with the brush in the other hand. Then, I got a hair iron. Now, I turn my head upside down and use TWO dryers at once, one in each hand. I can get it dry in about 3-4 minutes, and then use the iron for less than a minute. It takes a lot less time than the former process, seems easier, and comes out better. (I also use Biosilk Silk Therapy.)
  10. :lol: Ha! Two hair dryers! I think I would seriously hurt myself if I was upside down with 2 pointed at me.... or maybe I would fall over. Not sure? Good tip! If I am brave enough I might just have to try that!
  11. you must be incredibly coordinated.....i haven't even mastered using one hair dryer yet so i'm just a wash and go kinda girl....not that it matters since my hair is stick straight and has a mind of its own neway :wacko:
  12. These are all so good! I think I would blow a fuse if I used two dryers at once!
  13. i do it all the time, it makes your eyes look bigger and brighter and VA VA VOOM!:lol:
  14. with the bleaching, constant flat ironing, and the fact that it's naturally curly, my hair is crazy dry. i was younger my grandma told me she only washed her hair once a week...she said when she was younger everyone had beautiful hair because they didn't dry it out by washing it every day. i thought it was gross at the time, but now i only wash my hair with shampoo 2x a week or so too. :smile: i used to not use shampoo at all, but condish as shampoo...but i decided to wear my hear straighter lately and that routine makes my hair curlier. i still condition every other day. i put condish on as soon as i step in and let it sit while i do the rest of my 10-15min shower routine. i tend to use thicker condish than most people...the stuff labelled for use as deep treatment. i also put jojoba oil on my ends before i go to bed when i remember.

    if i use too much product or smells too much like the restaurant i work at, i use a little bit of baby powder to absorb smells and oils. it's fab. you have to use a name brand baby powder though...store brands are a little too grainy and don't blend as well.

    the asprin mask is really good. also if you rub a piece of pineapple on your face and let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse, you get an AHA facial.
  15. Ok that was funny!! I was thinking the same thing!! Also- wondering what my 5 year old would say if he saw me :lol: :lol: :lol: