Unique Names

  1. Post some Unique Names here!
  2. My Aunt's name is Berle
  3. Neveah
  4. Annessa!

    however... i've always liked the name, Ava. it's not very common, but i'm not sure if it's considered 'unique'
  5. Love this!
  6. Shari..... yay!!
  7. my bf's name is pretty unique... it's souvanna!
  8. i've heard some crazy names in my day (these are all people i've known met and or heard) IE They are real!!!
    if idk how to spell them i'll do it phonetically
    tequila (like with salt and lime)
    vagina (no lie)
    of course the infamous but questioned orangejello and lemonjello
    ****head (pronounced sha tee had)
    Maracca (shake it)
    and the craziest was.................Phesantesha (like the bird)
  9. My favorite: Abcde

    pronounced (a-as in apple) "ab-seh-dee"

  10. I remember being surprised that the name Chloe is in the Bible. In my search for what it means and where it is in the Bible, I found some unusual names. These are my favorites:

    • Andronicus - conqueror
    • Delilah - dainty, delicate, languishing
    • Drusilla - strong
    • Kelita - small, petite, dwarf
    • Ophira - gold

    I also like:
    • Persephone - bringer of destruction (In Greek mythology Persephone was the daughter of Demeter. She's married to Hades and queen of the Underworld.)
    • Kali - a maiden, bud (Kali is also the Hindu goddess of destruction)
  11. I love this girl's name: Seraya
  12. I knew this girl named Inez some time back. Other than that nothing much. Edit: Oh yes my sis knows someone named GENIUS! Imagine!

  13. LOL, poor kid, that's a lot to live up to especially if you're not one!

    One of my friends wanted to name her newborn Oceania, but her husband was able to talk her out of it.

    I know someone named Snow Drop Sunny Day Meadow because as her parents were going to the hospital it was a sunny day and they passed a meadow with snowdrops in it.
  14. I wanted to name a girl Bethany, my whole family hated it....they swear that's why I had 3 boys, so no girl would be subject to that name....lol....

    Some I have heard; chardonay and disney....hmm, I know there's more
  15. my son'e name is Roman Gabriel-i love it,