Unique Men's prelvoed reveal!! Instant Marly Dragonne Gm

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  1. I bought this clutch from a trusted Japanese seller prelvoed. It's called the Marly Dragonne Gm and I fell in love! This is an item I don't think people see very often and I even looked around on YouTube, here at the tpf, and have found very limited information on it. Well I took the plunge and I couldn't be any happier. I snatched up at a very good price and wow when they say GM they mean it! It's almost 11inches long! I have it set up against my speedy b 35 just for a comparison of size and just wow... It also fits my insolite wallet! which I believe is one of the bigger wallets lv has had, with a bunch of room left over. They advertised it with sticky pockets but they weren't at all. We all know of the sticky mess some vintage pieces are (espicially the bucket bag) but no problems here at all. The date code is SL0092 so it's a 2002 clutch. hope you guys enjoy this different item!! P.s. I think this is a men's item? Not sure. received_1608452365861606.jpeg received_1608452372528272.jpeg received_1608452365861606.jpeg received_1608452372528272.jpeg received_1608452365861606.jpeg received_1608452365861606.jpeg received_1608452372528272.jpeg

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  2. Sorry for the messiness of the pictures but all of them are There!! :P
  3. Congratulations!
    Marly was popular many many years ago, but since it's been long discontinued, we don't see them around much. It comes up on eBay once in a while though. Enjoy your new bag!
  4. Oh I love this! Congrats!!
  5. great find - congrats!
  6. Very nice! This is a very cool and functional vintage piece. Congratulations!
  7. Looks great! Congrats!