Unique Hermes Dream Bags

  1. Here's what I would order if Hermes let me::idea:

    Shocking Pink Croc Kelly 28 with pink diamonds on the H of the lock:love:

    Rouge H matte croc Birkin 30 with matte gold hardwear:heart:

    and I think Hermes should be happy to add initials to our bags, we get customized bags and they know the bags won't be resold! :yes:

    What do you ladies think?
  2. oh! pink diamonds on an H bag.....that sounds absolutely divine.

    however, I shudder to even think about the cost. look at how much they are charging for white pave diamonds as it is. I would never be able to afford pink diamonds. even if I could there is no way I could justify the huge markup.
  3. Ebene matte porosus crocodile 45cm Birkin w/ PHW. Not too crazy at all.
  4. jaune croc kelly briefcase XD
  5. My face painted on the back side of the thalassa box birkin 35!
  6. Black croc sac mallette with brass hardware and rouge vif lining. I would like it out of baby croc, so my best chance of getting one is finding a vintage bag since they don't use the baby croc anymore. Ah, those scales are so fine.
  7. I'd like a special order of patchwork shiny croc birkin 30!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts: :lol:
  8. Something croc with a troika lining instead of chevre!
  9. One of my Hermes dreams would to have one of their custom trunks!:girlsigh:
  10. ^elizabethk!!now that is special!!!!!! nice call!!!!!!! A handwarmer too!!!I

    I would like one of the kelly 32 bags with a tapestry panel (is that what they are called?) one of a kind because I would supple my own fabric. Greys, silvers, blues. The bag would be a bi indigo box/croc combo Edged in croc (you know how they do that!). Yummy:smile:yes:

  11. That is very much your style ILML!:flowers:
  12. I'd love a black box 28 Kelly with GHW and a rouge lining. To me, it's the all-time classic ladies handbag.

  13. LOL, BIG TIME!!!:roflmfao:
  14. I would love a black Porosus croc clutch sized just for me, something like the Kelly Longue but scaled down for evening, PH.
  15. I´d like a two-tone. Etoupe and rose shocking on a 30 Birkin perhaps.