Unique Chanel bag with a gnome on it?

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  1. I bought a Chanel chocolate bar bag off eBay today that was made between 2003-2004 that I have never seen. I know it's authentic. Front of the canvas bag there are patches of a lady bug , gnome and a green Chanel number 5. Has anyone ever seen anything so rare and unique?
  2. I don't know but would love to see pictures of your new bag. Congrats!!
  3. Nope but sounds cool!! Excited to see it!
  4. Tried to upload the picture. I'll try again.
  5. Here it is!
  6. I really want to see a picture! I'm on the edge of my seat.
  7. Sorry it didn't upload. Still trying to figure it out. I message the seller about this rare bag. He/she said the dwarf and lady bug are broochs and the green Chanel number 5 is sewn. This is on a canvas chocolate bar bag. Its original , that's what the seller stated.
  8. Trying again

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  9. Here it is!!
  10. I don't think it is authentic, I am sorry to tell you that. Clearly I haven't seen all the chanel bags thats ever been made, but even with the declining quality right now, the basic craftsmanship is still there, and unfortunately this one just doesn't cut it, not even close to be honest... you should ask for a refund.

  11. +1

  12. + 2.
  13. You should post this in the ATT thread. I can't see from the pics, but is it possible someone added onto this bag if it IS authentic. The pics are too small to see the details...

    I can understand the ladybug and the 5, just not sure where that gnome came from unless it's supposed to be Karl ?:smile:
  14. Thanks for all of your replies, I know it's authentic. Seller took great close up pictures and added more pictures. I am very familiar with Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The dwarf , possible Karl that is the one that has me stumped.
  15. looks like maybe the 3 (possibly non-Chanel) were added onto an authentic chanel bag??
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