1. Hey girls,

    Any of you ever shopped at the store Uniqlo? I've read about it a few times in Lucky mag, and it sounds kinda cool... I know they're based out of Japan, and just opened a US flagship in New York. So, I'm guessing we'll get one in Chicago in the next couple years. (Seems like a long time!)

    I've heard that they're similar to H&M, and obviously, their prices are really low! Any opinions?
  2. Much better quality than H&M. H&M's quality is like "wear once, wear twice, dump"... Uniqlo is so much better...
  3. OMG I love this store, the staple pieces ie tank tops(layering) and long sleeve ts are great.....I managed to figure out where the store in the mall a half hour from my house was based upon the stores refelcting in the window from a picture in 'LUcky' a year ago.. hopefully you get one soon

    only problem is I can't go in there and shop without spending like $100+ but I definitely get my money's worse and it is much better in every way than HM
  4. I shopped at the Uniqlo in NYC and the ones in Tokyo. Great place to shop for cashmere.
  5. i shopped there while I was in Japan this past summer. The prices were great and I'd say they're more like an Gap. The have lots of basics that they offer in different colors. My bf bought jeans there too and he loves them!!!
  6. I love Uniqlo!!! I got my winter coat there and 2 cashmere sweaters on sale (one short sleeve, one long). Their quality is much nicer than H&M (IMO).
  7. I went to the store in NYC and it's brilliant. There are walls and walls stacked with different tshirts in every colour. They also had these packaged tshirts with a little toy included! The only way I could describe them is "robotic". I guess you just have to see it for yourself! : )
  8. I love Uniqlo too . . . we don't have one out here, but I go to the ones in Tokyo all the time when I visit my dad. I agree that they're kind of like the Gap, but definitely trendier. I wear my tan cashmere scarf from there all the time!
  9. Really?

    I hated Uniqlo when I was in Japan... it is so boring and their limited edition Tshirts were their saving grace and also finding celebrities to do ads for them...

    I perfer comme ca better...

    *sigh* the shopping in Tokyo is great..
  10. Dull clothing, boxy unflattering cut, cheap looking dyes, aging.
  11. the stuff i've bought has been good quality but nothing particularly inspiring or fashion forward. i go in if it's on my way but i'd never make a special trip for uniqlo if that makes sense.
  12. I LOVE Uniqlo... their skinny jeans is of good quality, great fit and fantastic price... in fact, so are the rest of the items... Im glad I managed to find them in HK.
  13. I got a few staples that have worn well. I got DH a cashmere sweater that fit well and looked GORGEOUS!! He wants me to buy him more for this year...