UNIQLO - Sample Sale

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  1. UNIQLO - Sample Sale

    UNIQLO’S first U.S. sample sale will feature 100 percent Mongolian Cashmere sweaters for only $10, and Japanese denim (from Kaihara, renowned denim supplier which services most high-end denim brands) for only $5. But that’s just the beginning… UNIQLO’s dedication to an impeccable shopping experience set this sale apart from the normal sample sale experience.

    From the front stoop to the corners of the dressing rooms, the store is immaculate, and the salespeople are friendly and knowledgeable. This is a Sample Sale not to be missed. Just remember these samples are from Japan, so a U.S. small is equal to a Japanese medium.

    Event Begins: 1/12/2006
    Event Ends: 1/19/2006
    Event Times: Sun-Fri 12pm-7pm
    Sat 11am-8pm

    Location: 76 Greene St
    Between Spring and Broome Sts
    New York, NY 10012
    (212) 551-7823

    Payment Type: Cash / Charge
  2. Not sure I'd even know what Uniqlo is if I haven't been to Asia last year. Their styles are similiar to the GAP and for the price they were charging (not on sale, and comparable to GAP prices) they were not worth my efforts to carry them back to NYC with me.

    Their designs were not very unique, just normal, classic, and nothing caught my eye at the time. I rushed through the shop as I had other appointments on my agenda that day.

    I think they opened up shop in NJ but I never bothered to check it out.......

    Too bad I missed your post, else i'd check it out.