Uniqlo in NYC

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  1. Has anyone shopped at Uniqlo in NYC before?
  2. I wish...I don't live in NYC and you can't buy anything online! I'd love to hear from people that have bought from there as well!
  3. I'm hoping to drop by the store when I'm in NYC in November but I was getting excited just reading the Yelp reviews!
  4. omg! I was totally going to make this thread tonight. I was meeting a friend for brunch today in Soho and I walked by this place. I went in because all I saw was sweaters. Lots and lots of sweaters!! I'm a total sweater girl so I was in :love:. They had loads of $60 cashmere in all colors and sizes from s - xl. They also had a great variety of denim in various fits and washes.

    Mind you I am 6.5 mos pregnant and huge and I thought nothing was going to fit. WRONG! Their sizes are TTS not cut small IMO. I bought 4 tops in L which all fit like Larges should. But the haul of the day was this beautiful trench coat in a military green that was about $55. I also bought about 10 pairs of socks cuz they were 3 for $10.

    If you are near a Uniqlo and are seeking basics then RUN don't walk. Highly recommended!
  5. I have been there before. I was there when they were in their temp. smaller location b/c the soho one hadn't opened yet. I got 3 button up work shirts and a pair of gray jeans. I love them. The shirts are really easy, esp. if you are like me and hate to iron! You wash them, hang dry and they are good to go!
  6. Oh I just went in there for the first time last friday!!!

    harlem_cutie is right, they have tooooonnnnsss of cashmere sweaters for $50+ I got a shortsleeved cashmere for $60 and then they have long sleeved ones around $89 plus awesome solid cotton tees and some cool graphic ones. It's right on broadway in soho near all the other prime shopping spots
  7. Love the store! Always find cute affordable clothes that are pretty well made.
  8. Thanks everyone!! I'm more excited now after reading all these posts!! :p
  9. I shopped at their Hong Kong store and found them to be great!
  10. I love that store! They have a lot of cute stuff that's affordable. When I first went inside I was like oh no, another overpriced trendy store. I was very pleasantly surprised!
  11. L.O.V.E the store....You get great jeans and tops for a nice price!
  12. Love it! I bought a Phillip Lim for Uniqlo top online last summer and it was a summer staple!
  13. i love uniqlo. i miss them so much since i moved to ca!!!
  14. Great for cashmere and basic styles like other sweaters or A-line skirts. I shopped there last Black Friday (20% off everything) and made out like a bandit. The $60 cashmere sweaters have lasted very well and my brother loves their boot cut men's jean. Go for it!
  15. I wish I live in NYC.