Union Jack Limited Edition 2012 Diamond Jubilee

  1. Hi Serene,

    I am looking at getting the Union Jack bayswater.....but as am in Australia, cannot actually see one up close. Can you tell me if the postman's lock is polished (both on the outside and the inside) as opposed to the usual 'matt' finish on the lock? Thanks so much.....
  2. Hopefully this is what you're looking for. So the flag is only on the front, and behind the flap and on the bag itself where the lock-thingy is, is just an ordinary plate without anything extra. Like in this picture
    Mulberry - Union Jack Lily in Oak Natural Leather.jpg
  3. Thanks so much.....that does help. One last question, are the plates shown in the picture you have posted polished or matt......they look polished, but just want to double check! Thanks again for helping.....
  4. Good! I would say.. polished. Very shiny ;)
  5. Love the jubilee edition. Very patriotic :0)
  6. no, sorry! the flag on the front - it's party polished partly matte. Haven't been using this bag for awhile and already forgetting how it looks :biggrin:
  7. Well I've just ordered my new ltd edition bays water with the union jack postmans lock.
    It's my treat to myself and I can't wait for it to arrive I'm so excited :woohoo:
  8. Yaaay...Jan.....thought you'd gone a little quiet...you dark horse, you:smile:
  9. Ha ha i cant remember how many i have bought since i really do need help.
    I am really happy Mulberry collection at present.
    The blueberry goatskin clutch which im not using and keeping for my birthday and i havent been tempted good sign eh and OMG i need an L/V now. Which one ids the question Nautipidigins has a ribera which is just fab;)
  10. Oh crikey, I fear I am potentially about to be disloyal too (whisper!).....I really have become rather interested in Bal/Chloe......uh oh.....but it's nice just to take a breather and enjoy what we have, eh?!...:smile:
  11. well my wait is soon over......tomorrow my ltd edition union jack bayswater finally arrives.

    I'm so glad i went ahead and bought it as they have sold out online, and the lady in mulberry said last week it was the fastest selling bag out of their range, so that kind of made me feel better for spending all that money.

    i just hope i like it now when it arrives ;)
  12. Love the union jack range :love: Looking forward to seeing your reveal tomorrow :smile:
  13. I :heart: MY BAG!!!!

    well it arrived today, and i have to say i love it, it looks fantsatic and smells gorgeous.
    i'm so pleased with it...

    who ever thought one could get so excited about a handbag...i will post some pictures later of it:yahoo:
  14. Congrats! I really love mine, we're bag twins!
  15. i am a bagaholic, but this by far is my favourite,,,twins yay!!! :happydance: lol