Union Jack Limited Edition 2012 Diamond Jubilee

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was curious to know if anyone was planning on purchasing the Union Jack Bayswater or other items that were designed to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. Mulberry says these items are all made in England. Any takers? :smile:

  2. The pouch is quite sweet, but probably not!
  3. It's nice to see with all the manufacturing changes that they had these bags made in England. I know many people become disappointed when they purchase one and the Made In tag is from another country when they want to buy a truly British brand.
  4. I wish all my bags said Made in England, I only have one that is made in England....
  5. Not checked all mine, I know my oak bays is Made in England which made me happy but I'm sure my Alexa is made in turkey.
  6. That's half the fun when you get them seeing where they were made :smile:
  7. I ab. love the oak lily in ostrich with the union jack im so tempted to get it.
    It would match my i phone cover and mini mila ive just bought.
    I have two made in England my bays and o/s alexa.
    They are becoming rare.
    I too prefer the made in England ones.
  8. I was on a business trip to London last week and got the Selfridge's exclusive with the Union Jack in enamel. Now I'm considering one of those phone booth charms...
  9. Photos please! :smile:
  10. Ditto (to pics please)
  11. Let me wake up Jinjy...
  12. I'd love to see the snaps of the flag bays too, please. I saw it recently in Selfridges and it is beautiful xx
  13. The pouch is just adorable! Do people find those pouches to be useful?
  14. I own an oak Lily already but I don't own a Bays at all. I am tempted by the Union Jack Bayswater.
  15. I've been pining for a lily for quite some time now! It's 100 pounds more than the "normal" one though. Do you guys think the union jack logo on this one will be worth it? TIA